Published on:
November 24, 2023

Inspiring journey of Krishna Lokhande, an ex-army official & a businessman who dedicated his whole life in serving India.

It is not every day that you encounter someone who quit a central government job to chase their passion, especially in our country. 

But this is the story of one such inspiring person, Dattaram Lokhande, who is lovingly known as Krishna, Fauji Sahab, and many other names by his loved ones and friends. 

Krishna was never able to attend college due to his family situation. He had no big background or a formal degree. But that wasn’t going to stop him. He believed in himself and was determined to find a way to support his family and build a career for himself at the same time. It was this fierce determination that made him an army officer and founder of the Bombay Trading Company.

Krishna was a small boy from a poor farmer household in Nanded, Maharashtra. Who completed his high school education working small jobs. It was during his tenure as a supervisor at a pharmaceutical company that he attended an open admission program and got selected into the Indian Army. 

Everything was going well, he was serving in the Indian Army, and his family was living in a private residence in Mohali, Punjab. But Krishna's journey took an unexpected turn one day. 

A casual visit to a nearby hardware shop in Mohali to purchase tools turned into a fateful encounter when the shopkeeper became his friend. Engaging in daily conversations during his military duty, Krishna gained profound insights into the business world, sparking the ambitious idea to start his own business in the false ceiling industry. 

First, he discussed his entrepreneurial vision with the colonel in charge of his unit and started his first business in Zirakapur while still serving in the army, funded by his partner colonel. 

Within just a short period of time, their products were experiencing remarkable growth, transforming their business into a recognized brand and Krishna earned the affectionate title of "Fauji Sahab" among the contractors. Witnessing this unprecedented success of the business, he decided to retire from the army despite achieving a good rank in the army to dedicate himself entirely to the business. 

As easy as it sounds to start a business, things are not always this rosy. After a few years in the business, Krishna faced a challenging chapter as conflicts with his partner led to their parting ways. Undeterred, he again started a business with personal funds, which we today know as Bombay Trading Company. 

Initially, he encountered numerous complications and setbacks and persevered through a period of decline. However, with unwavering determination, he not only managed to overcome these obstacles but also successfully revitalized the business, elevating it to new heights solely under his name and without any external support.

Bombay Trading Company experienced substantial growth in profits and became a debt-free company with self-owned capital. Despite challenges in the unorganized sector of the false ceiling industry and the credit-driven market, Bombay Trading Company expanded its business into 25+ cities with clients all over India.

Recently, after the demise of Krishna Lokhande, his son, Akash, took over his father legacy and modernized the business by launching a website, digitizing payments, accepting online orders, and establishing a strong internet presence. While sharing the Bombay Trading Company story and his father’s journey, Akash happily expressed, "I came across Swipe while searching for a new invoicing software. I tried numerous options, but Swipe stood out as the clear No. 1 choice due to its competitive pricing and user-friendly interface. I had an amazing after-sale service and regular feature updates, which made Swipe the best choice for my business.”

The story of Bombay Trading Company and Krishna showcases the transformative power of resilience and demonstrates to us that with dedication, any challenges can be overcome. Swipe is proud to be part of their amazing journey. 

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March 16, 2024