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May 7, 2024
& Older

Flexibility to choose preferred company on Web. ⚡

You can set your preferred company to default for quicker access, if you are using "multiple companies".

Introducing dark mode on Web. 😎

Enjoy a fresh new look of Swipe Web.

May 6, 2024
& Older

Flexibility to login 😎

Login without OTP by linking your Google account with Swipe.

Great news for service businesses. 🔥💯

You can take benefit of templates designed specifically for service businesses.

Emails made more authentic 📩

Send all mails from your official mail ids on Swipe.

Uploads made easy with Excel ⬆️ 🤩

With help of excel you can upload multiple invoices at once.

Easily edit the incorrect uploaded data on Swipe without having to switch between excel and Swipe.

Adding more transparency and control. ✌🏻

Now view activity history i.e. details of your business, edited time, reason for edit & who edited for better control of your business.

Custom column for variants

Added custom column for variants.

New updates for iOS users 📱🚀

Share documents directly from Swipe app.

Additional cess can now be added.

Overall Swipe iOS has become 3X Faster.

April 4, 2024
& Older

Introducing Digital Signature 🔏

Add additional authenticity to your invoices with Digital Signature.

Import directly from Zoho & Tally 🔁

You can import their data directly from Zoho & Tally and update it to Swipe.

Shortcuts for easier access 🤩

Access features on Web easily with keyboard shortcuts. Simply press "shift+?" to access all shortcuts.

Click. Save. Share attachments easily. ✨

Attachments got lot more easier on Mobile. Add attachments from camera, download and share.

March 5, 2024
& Older

Introducing Shopify Integration. 🤩

If you have an online store, you can integrate it with Shopify in just a click

Duplicate your product. 📦 🔄

Now you can duplicate a product on Swipe and make necessary edits as required.

More flexibility to you. ✨

You can now add various date formats to batches.

Subscription invoices can be updated with new details before sending.

Add more detailed product names for easy understanding.

PDF attachment for payments. 📄

Now you can send payment confirmation details as PDF attachment to your customers.

Payment integration with Tally.

The most awaited feature of payment integration with Tally is here. Sync your Swipe payments easily with Tally.

Quick business insights. 👀 ✅

Now view your business analytics straight from the dashboard.

Add discounts to customers.

You can allocate specific discounts to various customers.

February 10, 2024
& Older

Introducing Journals 📄

With Journals start managing your loans, rent, assets, and dividends on Swipe Today! 🥳

New Templates for Service Industry 🤩

Now you can choose between SMS service templates or purchase templates.

Track your online store customers. 👀

Add Google tracking id & Facebook Pixel id on Swipe to track your online store customers.

Automagically manage inventory. 📦

Batch & Expiry

Easily update product Batches with price, expiry/manufacturing, and Batch no. Try Now!


Group individual products to make single product. Try Now!

Serial Number & IMEI

Track your inventory better by adding Serial No./ IMEI to your products. Try Now!

Understand your business better.

Now you can add reasons for cancellation of invoices.

February 2, 2024
& Older

Customisation at your finger tips. 👆🏻

Easily create, edit, and delete categories for both expenses and indirect income on Mobile.

Add decimal numbers to your product custom field by selecting "currency".

More detailed E-way bills. 🚚

Now you can add the transaction type for your E-Way bills.

Automatic pre-filling on addresses. 📍

Simply enter pincode and all details of state & city will be automatically filled.

More flexibility to you. 🤩

Open attachments directly on your preferred viewer apps.

Add expenses & indirect income with dates.

Now you can specify payment date while creating expenses and indirect income to record past or future expenses.

Also added TCS for parties.

Understand your customers better.

Add remarks to your cancel invoices for better decision making.

Most awaited templates are here! 🎉

New template for thermal printers and updated POS template images.

January 10, 2024
& Older

New Year, New Pricing! 🎉

We have revised our pricing plan to bring more value to your business. Check them out now!

Make invoices more professional with Digital Signature. 🤩

Now you can add digital signature to documents to make it more professional on Swipe.

Introducing Warehouse Management. 📦 🔁

Organise your inventory based on your preferred warehouses.

Track inventory based on specific warehouses.

Transfer inventory between various warehouses.

Take complete control of your inventory.

Added Shipping Label on Invoices.

Add additional details to your shipping address with Shipping Label.

Flexibility in your hands! ✊🏻

Manage columns in sales dashboard based on your preference.

Choose your custom preferred due date.

Sort documents based on "Amount" & "Due Date"

Expense Category Management.

Now you can create specific categories towards your expenses.

Track Online store customers!

With integration of Facebook Pixel and Google tracking, now you can keep detailed report of your online store traffic.

Reasons for Document cancel.

Add reasons to your documents before cancelling them.

SMS/ Email Campaign Verifications 😍

Easily verify your campaigns on Swipe before sending your customers

December 7, 2023
& Older

Create subscription invoices on Mobile. 🔁

Now you can easily create subscription/ recurring invoices directly from mobile.

Introducing "What’s New" on Mobile. 💫📱

Stay up-to-date with all the latest feature releases from Swipe. 

Share documents as image. 📷

You can share invoices, purchases, quotations i.e all documents as images to customers via WhatsApp, SMS & Email.

Customer & vendor specific price list finally on Mobile. 🚀

Now set various price lists for each customer & vendor from your mobile.

Set credit limit on your Mobile.

Set a desired credit limit for your customer or vendor. Swipe will notify you incase you cross the credit limit.

November 24, 2023
& Older

Introducing App Lock 🔒✅

Your business is nobody else's. So, set your own app lock for Swipe app to add an extra layer of protection.

Tally Integration BETA Now Live! 🤩

Join waitlist for a 30-day FREE trial. Click on this link to join now.

Profit Margin Calculator 😎

While creating an invoice, Swipe will now show the margin of profit on your sale.

Customer specific price list.

Now, you have the power to customize pricing for each customer with our latest feature – Customer-Specific Pricelists.

Set credit limit to customers & vendors.

You can set a desired credit limit to your customer or vendor. Swipe will notify you incase you cross the credit limit.

November 10, 2023
& Older

Introducing Global Search 🔎

Now you can search across our settings, features, and help documents to find what you are looking for.

Enable/ Disable PDF Encryption 😍

Now you can enable or disable PDF encryption to copy & paste text from documents.

Repeat the Invoice Header Across all invoices. 🔁

Now enable repeated header automatically across all invoices on Swipe.

Track your automated payment reminders. 🕵🏻

Keep track of all your past payment reminders sent on Swipe.

Stop Inventory tracking for services. 📦

Now you can disable inventory tracking for services easily.

October 30, 2023
& Older

Introducing Dark Mode on Mobile. 📱

Enjoy a fresh new look of our app, while being gentler to your eyes. Introducing dark mode.

Import multiple contacts in a click. 🙋🏻

Easily import multiple customer details directly from your contact list in a single click.

View the timeline of your product as per serial number.

View the whole timeline of their product as per serial number. 

Improved Search 🔎

Now you can search across batches, serial numbers, and categories in products.

Flexible Barcode size 📦

Now customize, your barcode sizes ranging from "6-10" digits based on your preferences.

GSTR-4 for composition dealer.

Now, composition dealers can easily download from CMP-08 quarterly and GSTR-4 annually.

Ability to Rename all fields in documents.

Rename all fields in documents including custom fields.

Subscribe to our WhatsApp channel ❤️

Follow us on WhatsApp to know all the latest updates and access the latest product features. 

Add Carbon Copy (CC) to your emails. ✉️

Add CC both for your customer or vendor on your Emails.

October 23, 2023
& Older

Add a watermark to all documents.📄

Build your own brand with your own watermark. Now you can add watermarks easily to all PDFs on Swipe.

Additional CESS is now available on mobile. 🚀

Add additional CESS even on the mobile app which was earlier available on the web.

Auto Reset Inventory 🔁

You can reset their inventory themselves without having to do it manually.

Check the Status of your bulk uploads.

While bulk uploading, you can now check the status (like existing or new).

Bulk upload multiple price lists.🤩

You can now bulk upload multiple prices for a single product effortlessly via Excel.

September 8, 2023
& Older

Launched Swipe on macOS.

Swipe is now available on the Mac App Store.

Show the receiver's signature.

Now you can show the receiver's signature on all your documents.

New & Improved P&L Reports. 💫

Now sales P&L reports can be calculated based on "Purchase price at sale" or "Current purchase price".

Auto-distance calculator for E-Way bills.🚚

Now, Swipe will automatically calculate the distance for you based on the pin codes for all your e-way bills. 

Add expense with GST on mobile.📱

You can add your expenses with or without GST on mobile.

Professional. Legendary.🎉

Introducing the "Legend" template. Take control of your business with our detailed yet compact "Legend" template.

Hide discount in PDF. 

Now you can hide the discount in PDF by enabling it in the document setting.

August 11, 2023
& Older

Introducing the "Bill to - Ship to" template. 📢

We have added a new "Bill to - Ship to" template to our range of elegant & classy templates that display Bill to & Ship to addresses.

Launched a new "Groups" feature. 🚀

With the help of groups, now automatically Stock-in/ Stock-out grouped items directly from inventory.

Record expenses with GST.

Now you can add vendor and record tax on your expenses. Available only on Web.

Multilingual Support on PDF. ✌🏻

You can use our multilingual support to convert PDFs to their desired language.

Send customized timely reminders.

Set reminders for your customers based on your desired date and time.

Added new permissions to admin.

You (admin) can restrict or allow permissions to "document edits which are older than 4 days", "access to data created by other users", and "only convert to sale without edit access".

Multiple prefixes for documents.

Add multiple prefixes to your documents for quicker accessibility and better clarity.

July 4, 2023
& Older

Worried about the E-invoice portal not working? Don't Panic! ⚠️😱

Now Swipe will save all the e-invoices when the portal is not working and auto-create them once the portal is live again.

10+ templates are available for the service industry. 🤩

With our new "Hide Quantity" feature, you can use all our multiple templates for the service industry both on mobile & web.

"Auto Reminders" available on Swipe. 🔁

You can send automatic reminders to pending invoices for customers/ vendors easily via SMS/E-mail.

Introducing Daybook. 😎

Now you will be able to check their day-to-day activity on your Daybook.

New Updates to P&L reports.

You can check "Invoice-wise Profit & Loss" on Swipe.

*Now you can set both a default "Purchase Price" as well as "Current Purchase Price" for all your purchases.

June 14, 2023
& Older

Launched Swipe on Microsoft store. 🤩

Swipe is now available on Windows. Download Swipe application on your desktop directly from Microsoft store.

May 16, 2023
& Older

Change font size in documents on Web.

Adjust font size easily as per your choice in invoices, purchases etc. from “Document Settings”.

E-invoicing threshold reduced to Rs 5 Cr+

E-invoicing threshold will be reduced to 5 Cr+ from August 1, 2023. Start making e-invoices on Swipe in just a click. Learn more.

May 12, 2023
& Older

Swipe v2.0. Faster. Smoother. Better.

The web application has been redesigned and updated for easy navigation and faster workflow. 😍

New icons have been added for faster and easy understanding of your favourite features. 🆕

We have brought back our "What's New" section to keep our customers up to date on our latest features and offers. 📢

May 10, 2023
& Older

Add Additional CESS on Web

Now you can add additional CESS to their product MRPs on Web.

Eligible for GST composition scheme?

Are you eligible for the GST composition scheme?. Now, Create Bill of Supply for your customers with Swipe.

Save documents as Drafts.

Save documents as draft and complete them later, without having to start again.

April 20, 2023
& Older

Bank to Bank transfer on Swipe 🔁

Now you can transfer cash from one bank account to another. 

Note: This is not an actual transfer but only a transfer of cash between two or more bank accounts on Swipe.

Introducing Indirect Income. 😍

You can add an additional source of income to your business on Swipe.

Create invoices for SEZ on Swipe.

Now you can create invoices for SEZ on Swipe by simply selecting the "Export/SEZ/Deemed export/Imports" below invoice prefixes.

Add TDS & TCS to the invoice

Now you can add TDS and TCS to your invoice on Swipe.

Launched New App Version 1.2.53 (Faster speeds, Better UI, Bug fixes)

Major UI improvements for easy and clearer understanding. ⭐

Your app just got faster. Speed increased by 60%. ⚡

Show SAC Code after Additional Charges in all the document Templates.

More Bugs have been squashed 🐞

April 3, 2023
& Older

Refer & Earn Big 🤩

Up to ₹ 25,500 in credits with Swipe's referral program!💰

✅ Invite your friends to install Swipe App with your unique link.

✅ Receive ₹10 in credits when your friend signs up

✅ Also receive ₹500 in credits when they take any Swipe subscription plan.

✅ Your friend gets 2-months free on their annual subscription.

✅ Use your credits to purchase any paid plans, add-ons, renewals, SMS/ Email credits on Swipe. t&c

March 1, 2023
& Older

Activate/ Deactivate users based on your preference on Web. 🚀

You (admin) can make users' accounts paid or unpaid in the all-user section in settings based on their requirements.

Note: The activation is based on their plan.

Select your preferred Email Template ✉️

Add your own customizable email template to send invoices over email.

Create pending expenses. 📄

Turn off the paid option to create pending expenses for your bills.

Add status to your pro forma invoices, estimates & purchase orders.

You can keep open/ closed/ partial status for your pro forma invoices, estimates & purchase orders.

Introducing coupons on Web. 🚀

Create coupons for your customers to avail as offers/ discounts.

Add your preferred unit & conversion rates.

Enable alternative units to show preferred conversion rates.

Add Carbon Copy (CC) to your emails. ✉️

Add CC both for your customer or vendor on your Emails.