September 19, 2023

How to download bank statements on the web

Step 1: Go to “Analytics”.

Select the “Analytics” option from the dashboard on the left. 

go to analytics

Step 2: Select the time period 

Now, Click on the bank you would like to download the statement for.

click on bank

A pop-up of a bank statement appears. 

Now, click on the calendar option from the navbar and select the date range for your sales report.

select time range

Note: You can either select a standard range, such as “This month”, “This Week”, “Last Month”, or a custom range. 

time range of bank statement

Step 3: Download the Data 

Based on your preference, click on the “Download Excel” or “Download PDF” option from the navbar. 

download the data

Congratulations, You have successfully downloaded your bank statement. Now, you can view this data on your device. 

bank statement downloaded