Published on:
December 30, 2022
Swathi v prabhu

Billing software for Cable TV  

With the help of billing software for Cable TV, it makes it easy for small business owners to run their businesses smoothly and efficiently. Choosing the right billing software with good benefits becomes important for the business entity. Keeping track of all major business developments including inventory management, sales, and purchases along with the growth and expansion of business becomes tedious if the right billing software is not induced into the business. Cable TV operators with a multitude of sales and purchase deals need an efficient way to keep track of inventory, sales, and purchases. For this purpose, swipe is the most systematic and well-organized app for performing the said compliance duties.

Why swipe the app for billing software for cable TV?

Swipe is easily gaining momentum as one of the best apps for filing GST returns, billing, creating invoices, etc. Its free services for a lifetime help small, medium, and large business owners perform all duties seamlessly without much effort.

Some important features of swipe?

1. Powerful business analytics and reports

Swipe helps in the generation of powerful business analytics and reports which will help answer any question about product/category-wise sales or to understand your users and payments

2. Stock and inventory management

Swipe helps in the easy management of current inventory. Business owners can spend

time developing and creating more business plans instead of handling and

maintaining inventory stock

3. Online store

Swipe does not limit itself only to billings and filings of returns. You can

also set up online stores easily and start your small and medium size


4. Filings made easy

with the help of swipe, GST filings can be done seamlessly without too much of

a hassle.

5. Invoice creation

Swipe helps in the creation of invoices instantly. Within 10 seconds you can create invoices and share the same with the customers.

Benefits of using swipe for billing software for cable TV

  1. With the help of the Swipe app, the professional billing experience becomes easier for customers. Swipe apps help in easy communication with all parties involved.
  2. Inventory tracking becomes easy with the help of the Swipe app. Cross-checking inventory with multiple devices also becomes easy and helpful with the free services provided by the Swipe app
  3. Business owners can keep track of all major degrees of work with the help of the Swipe app and concentrate on managing the affairs of business and help in growth and expansion.


1. Can I share my invoices or bills with my customers?

Yes you can share invoices or bills with customers via Whatsapp, text, or even email

2. Can I receive payments on swipe?

Yes you can receive payments on swipe

3. Can I recover my data if the system crashes?

   Yes, usually all the data is stored on the cloud servers. Therefore, if your system crashes, you can cover the same on a different system by logging in with your phone number

4. Can I send reminders for pending payments on swipe?

   Yes, you can keep track for pending and outstanding payments on swipe on the single dashboard screen

5. Is it possible to add multiple users?

     Yes, it is possible to add multiple users.


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