April 5, 2023

Pension and gratuity will end! Big news for central employees, the government changed the necessary rules

This time, the announcement is eagerly awaited by millions of employees and pensioners. Furthermore, in the past, the government has issued a stern warning to central employees, stating that non-compliance could result in severe consequences, including the forfeiture of pension and gratuity after retirement.

The order applies to central employees, and it stipulates that if an employee is found to have been negligent during their tenure, their pension and gratuity will be withheld after retirement. This order is currently applicable to central employees, and it is expected that different state governments will adopt it in the future.

The government issued the order

The issuance of the order was carried out by the government, which released a notification under the Central Civil Services (Pension) Rules 2021. The government amended Rule 8 of the CCS (Pension) Rules, adding new provisions that stipulate the suspension of the pension and gratuity of central employees found guilty of serious misconduct or negligence during their tenure. The notification explicitly states that the withholding of pension and gratuity will occur after retirement.

End of Pension and Gratuity, Central Governmen

The government is demonstrating its strictness towards the rule by sending information about the amended rule to all relevant authorities. Furthermore, it has emphasized the importance of taking action to withhold the pension and gratuity of guilty employees upon receiving information about their misconduct. The government's stance on this rule is unyielding.

The following individuals have the authority to take action:

1. Presidents who were involved in the appointment of retired employees have the power to withhold gratuity or pension.

2. Secretaries who are linked to the relevant ministry or department under which the retiring employee served also have the right to withhold pension and gratuity.

3. In cases where employees retire from the Audit and Accounts Department, the CAG reserves the right to withhold their pension and gratuity if they are found guilty.

How the action will be taken:

1. As per the rule, it is required to inform the relevant authorities if any departmental or judicial action has been taken against employees during their tenure.

2. The same rules will apply to employees reappointed on contract after retirement.

3. If an employee has received pension or gratuity after retirement and is later found guilty, the recovery of the full or partial amount can be made.


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