January 27, 2023
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What is UAN (Unique Account Number)?

UAN is short for Unique Account Number and is a unique number allotted to every member of the PF. This number helps in managing the employee provident fund account, which means you can check your balance and withdraw money from it whenever needed. Currently, UAN is mandatory for all employees across India as it makes transfers easy between employers and employees.

UAN stands for Unique Account Number

Universal Account Number (UAN) is a unique number allotted by EPFO to every member of the PF. The UAN helps in managing employee provident fund accounts and also allows for easy linking between different employers, thus eliminating the need for multiple Payslips.

Employers can activate their employees’ UANs through their respective offices at National Capital Region (NCR) or any other regional office across India where their employees work or reside.

UAN is allotted by EPFO

The Employees' Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) is a statutory body that has been entrusted with the responsibility to collect and manage PF accounts, provide insurance cover for members' deposits and administer their benefits. EPFO can be accessed through its website at or through any of its offices throughout India.

While working as an employee under an employer-based pension scheme, you may have received a UAN number from your employer's HR department or from another department within the company where they are processing payrolls/payroll tax payments, etc., such as human resource management (HRM), finance or audit departments, etc. You must ensure that this same number is allotted to each member of your PF account who wants to receive benefits payable under this scheme but does not have one already registered with EPFO yet

UAN helps in managing EPF

UAN helps in managing the employee provident fund account. You can check the status of your PF account online and also through SMS. You can also call the EPFO helpline to know about your PF account status.

UAN is mandatory

UAN is a unique number that makes it easy to manage PF accounts. It is allotted by EPFO to every member of the PF and helps in managing the employee provident fund account.

Currently, UAN is mandatory for all employees.


To get details about your balance, check your passbook regularly. You can also check it online at:

You may also get a printout of your passbook at the EPFO office with just a few clicks on their website (http://epfindiaonline-portal-portalimageneseservicecentre).

UAN Activation

Your employer can activate your UAN through the EPFO office.

You can also activate your UAN yourself if your employer doesn't do it for you and send a copy of this letter to the EPFO office when you have completed every step in activating your UAN.

Managing PF Account

Once your account is activated, you can log in to view your PF account balance and contributions. You can also view information about previous withdrawals and contributions from the government or employer.

Viewing your balanced funds:

The Balance feature shows how much money is available for withdrawal at any point in time. This can help you plan for future expenses by knowing when it's safe to take out some of these funds or use them to pay off debts before they become too expensive (or impossible).

Viewing past withdrawals:

If you have made any withdrawals from your PF account over time, this will show up here as well—and give you an estimate of how much money was taken out by each one! This will help keep track of when certain accounts were last accessed/completed so that they're not forgotten about altogether."


If you have any other queries regarding the UAN, you can talk to your HR department or visit the EPFO website.


UAN is a unique account number allotted by EPFO to every member of the PF scheme that makes it easy to manage PF accounts. Being able to access your account through the EPFO website or your HR department helps in avoiding errors and ensuring timely payments. It also helps in managing other tax-related issues.


How can I obtain my UAN?

Ans) To receive your UAN, contact your company. Your UAN is easily accessible to the employer.

How can I get my UAN to work?

Ans) Members can activate their UAN by visiting the UAN-based Member Portal website, To activate his/her UAN on the Member Portal, the member must have his/her UAN, Mobile, and Member ID readily available. Please click on the 'User Manual for Member' hyperlink for further information.

Once activated, the member may access the UAN Member Portal by entering his UAN as his user id and the password he established.

How can I know whether the KYC I uploaded has been accepted by my employer?

Ans) On the same page, the status of the submitted KYC document will be displayed.

What should I do if I change jobs and go somewhere else?

Ans) You only need to announce your UAN to your future employers.

If I move jobs, do I need to obtain a new UAN and then activate my account?

Ans) 19 No, you do not need to get another UAN. It is a one-time permanent number that you will use throughout your career.


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