January 4, 2023
Shreeja Ray

All You Need To Know About Checking PF Balance

Members of the Employees' Provident Fund Organisation can now check their Employees' Provident Fund (EPF) balances in a manner that is quite convenient (EPFO). The following is a list of the four different ways to check the balance of your EPF account:

EPFO Portal

Through the EPFO portal, workers can gain access to their EPF passbook at any time. However, each employee is required to own a UAN and have that UAN's activation completed. The steps that employees need to take in order to check their EPF balances using the EPFO portal are as follows:

1. Click 'Sign in'

2. On the next page, the member must click on ‘For Employees’ under the ‘Our Services’ tab.

3. Next, the member must click on ‘Member Passbook’ which can be found under the ‘Services’ column.

4. On the next page, the member must enter his/her UAN, password, and captcha details and click on ‘Login’.

5. On the next page, the member will be able to check his/her EPF balance under the respective Member ID.


Employees can check their EPF balance on a smartphone by downloading the Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance (UMANG) app. On the app, claims can be filed and tracked in addition to checking EPF balance. To gain access to the app, a single registration process must be completed using the member's cellphone number that has been registered with the UAN.

Let's look at how you can use the UMANG app to view your past EPF transactions:

1. Open the app after installing it on your smartphone. Choose EPFO by clicking.

2. Go to 'Employee Centric Services' and then

3. You'll see the option to "View Passbook" on the next screen. You must input your UAN number and the One-Time Password (OTP) that was given to your registered cellphone number after clicking it. You can access your EPF transactions, including withdrawals and deposits from your current and prior employment, by clicking "Login" after you have registered.

Missed Call

Members of the EPF can also check their balance by sending a missed call to the number 011-22901406 using the mobile number that is associated with their account. However, in order for the employee to make use of this service, their Permanent Account Number (PAN), their Aadhaar number, and the number of their bank account must all be linked to their UAN. In the event that the aforementioned information is not associated with the UAN, the worker may request that the employer associate it.

Text Message Service (SMS)

If an employee has already activated their UAN, they can check their PF balance and see when the most recent contribution was made by sending an SMS to the number 7738299899. EPFOHO UAN ENG is the format that the SMS should be sent in when it is being sent. The employee has specified the final three letters of their name as the language in which they would like to receive the information.

At this time, the feature is accessible in Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, and Hindi. English is also one of the available languages. If the worker wants the PF information to be sent in Kannada, the employee is responsible for ensuring that the SMS is sent using the pattern EPFOHO UAN KAN. In order for employees to make use of these services, however, it is necessary to link the employee's PAN, Aadhaar, and banking information to their UAN.


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