December 30, 2022
Swathi v prabhu

ICEGATE- services, registration process and benefits

Indian Customs and Central Excise Electronic Commerce/Electronic data interchange or more commonly known as ICEGATE is a website made to fulfill the needs of both trader carriers and cargo using e-filing methods.

  The ICEGATE website has over 8500 users, utilizing their e-services, bridging the gap between trade users and the customs Department of India. This website also serves as a common room to exchange information between the trading partners involved in international trading.

    ICEGATE has become the pillar of effective international trading as it has made filing information seamless with an easy flow of credit.

Let us go ahead and understand a little more about ICEGATE and all its various functions.

Services provided by ICEGATE

  ICEGATE was formed under the Central Board of Indirect taxes and customs (CBIC) and which provides e-filing services to trade, cargo carriers, and other trading partners electronically

Some of the services provided by ICEGATE are as follows:-

1. ICEGATE registration

2. Bills of entry filling

3. Shipping bills filling

4. Import goods manifest

5. Export goods manifest

6. Console goods manifest

7. eScrip generation and Processing

8. Challan and duty payment

9. IGCR module

10. Various inquiry modules

These are some of the various services which help in free e-services filled by the ICEGATE website.

Why should you register through ICEGATE?

Any trading partners or cargo carriers are required to register through ICEGATE for filling various e-services like the bill of entry, shipping bills, and challan and duty payment. It is mandatory for traders who are engaged in the import or export of goods to register via the ICEGATE website.

Registration is mandatory if perform the following services:-

1. Export

2. Import

3. Console manifest

4. Import general manifest

5. Export general manifest

Documents required for ICEGATE REGISTRATION

The applicants are required to submit the following documents to register under the ICEGATE website. The following essential documents are as follows:-

1. Aadhar card

2. Voter ID card

3. Driving license

4. Passport

5. Authorization letter

6. Permit or license

7. Authorization to G card or F card

8. Order of commission or Authorization letter

Steps for registration for ICEGATE

The registration procedure for ICEGATE is simple and can be easily done by anyone with a system and a good internet connection

1. First, you need to log into the ICEGATE website- the registration link easily available on the homepage of the website

2. Add your GSTIN, IEC and verify and a temporary password as provided by the portal

3. Add all your details and complete the registration form

4. Input the ICEGATE ID and password as provided by the portal

5. You will get 2 different OTPs after the above step, the OTPS will be sent to your registered mobile number as well as your Email-ID

6. The applicant must enter the valid OTPs and complete the registration

7. Verify the details to ensure there is no mistake, if there is, go back and fix the same and then click finish. It is advisable to make sure you fill in the correct details or it might lead to the rejection of bills.

Registration with the ICEGATE portal is essential, but what are the benefits which the trading partners acquire with the help of this registration? Let us understand

Benefits of registering under the ICEGATE portal

The establishment of the ICEGATE portal has minimized the efforts of the customs department and has held them to be more accountable. There are fewer and fewer complaints which are related to the delivery of goods to importers, and exporters.

Some of the other benefits since the introduction of the ICEGATE portal include:-

1. The website helps in e-filling out import and export declarations

2. Viewing and tracking the status of documents by the exporters and importers have become easy

3. The portal is really helpful in raising a query and receiving fast replies

4. It has benefited the customs in replying to importers as well as exporters after shipping bills and bills of entry are verified

5. Other than the benefits provided to cargo carriers, it has served other individuals who want to track the location status and material of such bills

These are some of the important benefits which an individual can obtain by registering under the ICEGATE portal


1. Is it necessary for filing documents using a mail id registered with the ICEGATE portal?

No, it is not necessary for filing documents using a mail id registered with the ICEGATE portal. You can fill it with a non-registered email id too.

2. What is the number of registered users on ICEGATE?

As of 2021, there are 43542 registered ICEGATE users.

3. What is a Custom duty?

Customs duty is a kind of tax or a type of duty that is imposed through the Customs Act of 1962 on imported or exported goods and services.

4. Who can get an IGST refund?

A person whose shipping bill has been validated against GST returns.


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