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Earn With Swipe : Referral Program.🏅🚀


For every business friend you invite who “signs up” with Swipe you can get up to ₹ 500 in credits (₹ 10 per referral) and if your friend subscribes to any annual plan of Swipe then you get an additional up to ₹ 12,500 in credits (₹ 250 per subscription). Your friend gets an additional 2 months FREE with any of Swipe annual plans.

  1. Send your invite link so your friends can download Swipe from Playstore.
  2. Your friends must register via referral link only.
  3. You will be awarded with ₹ 10 on every successful sign up.
  4. If your friends subscribe to any of Swipe’s annual plan, you will be rewarded with ₹ 250 in credits for every subscription. Additionally, your friend will be rewarded with an additional 2 months of Swipe’s premium subscription.
  5. You can claim your credits by purchasing any premium subscription of Swipe or recharging your SMS/Email credits.


  1. You’ll be notified if you are eligible for the referral program by the company
  2. This referral program is available only on Swipe mobile app
  3. Your friends must sign up (first-time) on Swipe with your referral link. You won’t be rewarded if they fail to sign up using your referral link or if they have signed up already with the same no. before.

Terms and conditions

  1. You may invite multiple business friends to sign up with Swipe and if your friend signs up on Swipe with your unique referral link then you are eligible for sign up rewards (₹ 10/ sign up). Incase, they purchase Swipe’s annual subscription only then you are eligible for subscription rewards (₹ 250/ subscription)
  2. Your friend can only use one unique referral link that has not been previously used to sign up with Swipe, which includes but is not limited to a Swipe Account and phone number to qualify this offer.
  3. Ensure you submit your correct UPI credentials before withdrawing the reward.
  4. If you earn the reward for successful sign up, you will receive Indian Rupees Ten (INR 10) in your designated bank account. As such you must enter your UPI credentials on Swipe. The reward will be credited to you within 48 hours i.e max 2 days from the time of sign up assuming no public holidays.
  5. You can only avail this offer once per unique sign up and subscription of annual plan by your friend.
  6. Your friend can avail this offer only for first time of Swipe’s annual subscription.
  7. You can get rewards for up to a maximum of 50 users for both sign ups and subscriptions respectively.
  8. You can earn rewards up to a total of Indian Rupees of Five Hundred (INR 500) for registrations and Twelve Thousand Five Hundred (INR 12,500) for subscriptions per financial year (1 April to 31 March).
  9. The referral program is a fully automated process and any discrepancies or grievances will not be entertained.
  10. This offer is available only for India/ Indian Businesses.
  11. To participate in the Swipe’s referral program, you must agree to these offer terms and conditions.
    1. You agree that your participation in the offer constitutes your understanding of and agreement to these offer terms and conditions.These offer terms and conditions form a binding legal agreement between you and Swipe with respect to the offers, and any defined terms used have the meaning set forth in Swipe Terms of Services.
    2. Swipe reserves the right, at its sole discretion to disqualify any User who does not meet the offer requirements or in case of reasons including but not limited to any misuse of the offer or fraud or suspicious activities. Swipe also reserves the right to discontinue or change referrall offer at any time, at its sole discretion.