December 26, 2022

Earn with Swipe

Start earning with Swipe Today.

For every business friend you invite who signs up with Swipe you can get up to Rs. 500 ( Rs 10 per referral) and if your friend subscribes to any annual plan of Swipe then you get an additional up to Rs. 12,500 ( Rs. 250 per subscription). Your friend gets additional 2 months FREE with any of Swipe's annual plans.

Here's how you can earn with Swipe:

1. Send your invite link so your friends can download Swipe from the Play store.

2. Your friends must sign up via referral link only.

3. You will be awarded with ‚Çπ 10 on every successful signup.

4. If your friends decide to subscribe to any of Swipe's annual plans, you will be rewarded with, Rs 250 for each friend subscribing and your friend will be rewarded with additional 2 months of Swipes subscription.

5. You can claim your rewards by going to refer and earn > rewards on the mobile app.

refer & earn Swipe

Now let's look at how easily it can be done.

Step 1:

You need to send your referral link (invite) to your friend on WhatsApp.

For that, you can Tap on 'more' options and click on 'Refer & Earn'

Swipe app

Next, you can click on the share button to send it to your friends on WhatsApp.

Share Button

Your friend will receive a invite link on their WhatsApp number.

Clicking on that link will take them to Play store where they can download the Swipe Billing App.

refer & earn Swipe

Step 2:

Let them open the application and sign up with the OTP.

Tadaa!!! Now ‚Çπ 10 will be credited to your account. You can check your credited amount on refer and earn < rewards. You can invite a total of 500 friends on Swipe and earn ‚Çπ 10 on each successful registration.

Wait!!! The rewards do not end here

In case your friend decides to buy our annual plan, they enjoy additional 2-month FREE benefit, and you will earn ‚Çπ 250. You can earn with every subscription.

Step 3:

There are two ways to acquire the subscription and avail 2-month FREE benefit.

  • Your friends can click on the pop-up banner, and they will be taken to the subscription page to purchase any annual plan or,
refer & earn
  • They can manually do it by click on more option and then clicking on FREE PLAN.
refer & earn

Congratulations! You just earned an additional Rs. 250.

Keep referring! Keep earning! Only on Swipe.


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