December 26, 2022

Invoice Generator # 1, Simple & Free

What is an Invoice?

An invoice contains the price of the goods or services purchased by the buyer. The invoice contains the names of the seller and the client, the description and price of the goods or services, and the terms of payment, it can also be used as a legal document.

Why do we need an Invoice?

An Invoice not only is a record transaction but also serves multiple other requirements of the business.

Tax Records

Sales invoices serve as documentation that aids us in filling out the data for tax returns at the end of each year. According to the IRS, all small business owners should keep daily records summarizing their business transactions, including invoices.

Legal protection

Invoices explain the services we provide to our clients and the timetable for when we complete the task. They protect small businesses from fraudulent lawsuits. An invoice also serves as a record of the amount a client agreed to pay us for our services and signed invoices can be legally binding contracts.


Invoice records can aid in the development of marketing strategies for the company. We can examine our invoices to determine peak hours for our services. The most in-demand and least popular services we provide, company patterns and other insights. Once identified We may design marketing tactics based on the data to grow our organization.

Tracking Inventory

Company stores inventory, sales invoices can help keep track of supply and estimate the future demand based on previous sales. We can use software to automatically track inventory based on our invoices or we can create your own manual tracking system.

Smooth flow of Business Operations

Invoices also aid in the tracking of sales and financial management of businesses. Invoices can help create accurate business forecasts by providing valuable information about how sales change over time. It helps you to figure out when you get paid by your clients on average, to help manage your cash flow.

How to generate a FREE invoice?

Now let's take how to use an invoice generator.

1. Microsoft Word - Microsoft Word has invoice sheet templates that you can customize to fit your business's needs. More than 100 online invoice templates that copy to a Word document are available in Office. Select your desired template> fill in your details> save the file.

2. Google Sheets - There are various free templates available for google sheets. Select your favourite invoice template, go to the File menu. Make a copy, now save it on your google drive and you are good to go. Or you can opt for

3. Swipe Billing Software

Step 1
: Go to sales then,

Invoice generator steps

Step 2: Add customers

[You can add new or add existing customers in the slot]

Invoice generator FREE

Step 3: Add Invoice Date and Due date

10 seconds Invoice Generator

Step 4: Add products and their prices

Invoice generator download

Step 5: SAVE and PRINT invoice

Free Invoice generator

And we are good to go!

Head on to Swipe and download today. Create free invoices and boost your business.


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