December 26, 2022

Create Purchase Order on Swipe

Step 1: Go to Purchases > Select create purchase.

Here you can search for existing vendors or add a new vendor.

Create purchase order
purchase order on Swipe

Step 2: Select the date

The date should be the day of purchase. The due date should be the day you want to receive the items from the vendor.

purchase order on Swipe

Step 3: Add Reference for purchase order

You can also add reference here for this purchase order.

add reference on Swipe

Step 4: Add product name or search existing product

Under product name you can search for existing product or add a new product you want to purchase.

add new product
existing product

Step 5: Show/Hide description of product.

Show description can be used if you want to show/hide description of the products in the purchase order.

show or hide product

Step 6: Click on Add item to purchase.

Fill in other details like quantity, unit price, price with tax and discount in both percentage and rupees.

add item
other details

Step 7: Create & Edit notes as well as terms conditions.

add terms and conditions

Step 8: Save the purchase for later or print it immediately.

save and print


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