December 29, 2022
Reddy Mohith

How to start leggings manufacturing business?

Leggings are well-known tight-fitting stretching pants for women made of knitted fabric, among which leather and woolen materials are famous. People often treat leggings equally with the fashion trend. According to the studies, manufacturing leggings can be a profitable business in the future as the demand for these clothes is rising daily.

So, if you have thought about starting your business with little investment, a leggings business can be a great start. Starting a leggings business is simple and requires a small amount of money. Nevertheless, before starting, you need a production setup. This article will guide you through all the essential things you need to know about establishing your leggings business unit with a small investment.

Types of leggings available in the market:

Before getting into the business, you must know the different types of leggings people use to pick the right one for your production.

1. Churidar Leggings:

Churidar leggings hold the maximum shares in the whole leggings industry. These leggings come in long lengths, and people prefer these as they can match any top.

2. Ankle Length Leggings:

As the name holds, these leggings come to ankles. These are famous among young people and teenagers.

3. Capri Leggings:

Capri leggings fall between the knee and ankle. People use these widely in the summer.

4. Knee Length Leggings:

Knee-length leggings come to the length of the knee. These are popular among young teenagers as they use them during summers as home wear.

5. Footed Leggings:

Footed leggings are tighter than the usual leggings, and they come with socks additionally to cover the feet.

6. Jeggings:

Jeggings are widely-known for the fashion trend in the women's bottom wear industry. Being jeggings popular among young people, these are jeans leggings. Sometimes they come with a pocket and a zip, which is unusual in regular leggings.

7. Leather Leggings:

These are the costliest leggings as industries use leather to manufacture them. People use these as a lifestyle trend.

8. Printed or Patterned Leggings:

Printed or patterned leggings come with printed fabric, and these clothes are gaining popularity among women irrespective of age due to their multi-color nature.

Choosing the right type is mandatory, depending on the local market. Also, seasonal changes play a crucial role.

The market for the Leggings Business:

The fashion industry says that the demand for leggings will rise in the coming years because the woman of all ages wear leggings. The feature of leggings adjusting with almost every top, like Kurtаs, tuniсs, tаnk tорs, соаts, t-shirts, jасkets, аnd аny оther tорs оr ethniс weаr, increases the demand for leggings.

Leggings support women with daily wear requirements on the go. And above all, entire Indian women wear leggings irrespective of culture. As a result, the leggings market will see drastic growth in the future. So, now is the best time for any entrepreneur to start a small-scale legging manufacturing business in the women's clothing industry.

Legging Business Startup Expenses:

The business investment includes investing in a secure space, machinery and tools, raw materials, and human resources. Additionally, you also should invest in marketing and product distributing systems.

Starting a small-scale legging business in India will cost between 7-10 lakhs INR. However, if you intend to invest on a large scale, the expenses might even go over 25 lakhs.

Before officially opening a startup, you must have a credible business plan with a financial section that covers all the finance-related work.

Raw Materials You Need to Setup a Manufacturing Plant:

The raw materials highly depend on the type of legging you intend to manufacture. Lyсrа, nylоn, sраndex, роlyester blend, роlyester, silk, аnd соttоn are some of the basic fabric materials used in leggings. Additionally, you should invest in threads, elastics, buttons, zips, and others.

From sewing to packing to displaying to dispatching, you need everything. Some primary machinery tools are:

1. Оverlосk Mасhine

2. Tаble Tорs аnd Furniture.

3. Different Sсissоrs

4. Сlоthing Steаmer

5. Zigzаg Sewing Mасhine

6. Flаt Lосk Mасhine

Manufacturing the Leggings:


1. Cut the required amount of elastic from the roll.

2. Join the cuts. So that it makes a closed loop.

3. Now, using the zigzаg Sewing Mасhine, sew the joints.


Join the front and back rises using the overlock machine. Later, perform an inseam sewing using the same overlock machine.


using the overlock machine, attach the sewed elastic to the waistband, and ensure using the guide to attach the equal stretch across the waist's circumference.


Finish the waistband and do the bottom hemming using a flatlock machine.


Once performed all tasks, attach the labels and other packing essentials, and dispatch the product.

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