December 26, 2022

GST Number Search

GSTIN is the Goods and Services Tax Identification number or GST number. To perform tax-related operations, every individual who is registered under GST must have a unique identification number. A GST number, often known as a GSTIN or GST Identification Number, consists of a 15-digit unique number.

The government has made a GSTIN mandatory for enterprises with an annual revenue of more than Rs 20 lakhs. Previously, state tax departments assigned a Tax Identification Number (TIN) to commercial companies. This has now been replaced with a PAN-based 15-digit unique number. GSTIN is one of the requirements for starting a company. It must be quoted when issuing invoices, creating e-way bills, completing GST returns, and submitting information to the tax department. The GST number search might also assist in claiming the Input Tax Credit. It is essential for ensuring taxpayer authenticity, which helps in verifying that tax collected passes through the GST supply chain.                                                                                                                                

Structure of a GST number

GSTIN consists of 15 digits. There are 15 alphanumeric characters and each character has a specific purpose.

1. First 2 numbers-State code of the registered person

GST State code list

2. Next 10 characters-PAN of the registered person

3. 13 digit-Number of registrations in a single state

4. 14 alphabet-Alphabet Z by default

5. Next number-Check code which may be alpha or digit, used for detection of errors

Format of GST Number

How to do GST search by PAN

A person's GST number can be determined using their PAN by following the steps below-

Step 1-Visit the GST website

Step 2-Choose 'Search Taxpayer' from the drop-down menu

Step 3-From the drop-down option, select 'Search by PAN.'

Step 4-Enter the PAN number of the dealer and the captcha code that displays on the screen.

Step 5-When you click 'Search,' the website will show you the GSTIN registration information associated with the PAN you entered.

Step 6-When we click on any of the hyperlinked GSTINs, the page will redirect to 'Search by GSTIN,' with the GSTIN already filled in.

Step 7-Enter the captcha code and then click the 'search' button.

GST Number Search by Name

1. Look for the name of an online GST search tool.

2. On the tool, type the name of the company, the business unit or individual for which you require the GST number.

3. Enter the state code or state name to search for the registration of the business unit within the state.

4. To obtain your GSTIN number, click on 'Search.'

Procedure for using the GSTIN search and verification tool

1. Enter a valid GSTIN into the search box

2. Click on 'Search'

If the GSTIN entered is valid, the following information may be verified:

1. The legal name of the business

2. Date of registration

3. State

4. GSTIN status/UIN status

5. Constitution of business-company, sole proprietor or partnership

6. Type of taxpayer-regular taxpayer or composition dealer

Benefits of GSTIN verification tool

The GSTIN verification tool offers several benefits such as-

1. Verifying the GST number helps us identify the authenticity of a business unit.

2. GST number verification helps us verify the handwritten invoices.

3. Many fraudulent business units tend to manipulate the GST number on the invoice. In such cases, verifying GST numbers online can assist people in determining the reliability of a business.

4. In addition to these, GST number verification helps us to check whether the details of one's business unit have been updated in the GST portal or not.


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