February 9, 2023
Shreeja Ray

E-Pathshala: Online Learning Benefits and Features

The Ministry of Education and the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) developed the e-Pathshala a few years ago to display all educational resources. For parents, instructors, and educators, it includes digital textbooks, videos, instructional materials, audiobooks, and more. The program was established in 2015 and is a component of the Digital India effort. The Ministry of Human Resources is in charge of the app. The resources offered in this portal are easy to utilize. Through a mobile app, one can download them and save them for later reading. The link is intended for students who lack a specific book. Additionally, students looking for the book at the last minute before their examinations can also find this of use.

The purpose of E-Pathshala

Launching the program was done primarily to promote "learning on the go." It aims to connect educators and students with information and learning materials. The portal's outreach to different users and closing the gap in digital literacy caused by language, geography, and social culture are further goals.

Key Features of E-Pathshala

The e-Pathshala app's key features are listed below:

1. You may get it as a mobile app from the Google Play store.

2. You can access information in Hindi, English, and Urdu on the app.

3. Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems are all supported by the app.

4. Windows, iOS, and Android are just a few of the mobile interfaces it is compatible with.The content is available on the app in an attractive e-pub format that simulates live learning.

5. The digitized version of the NCERT book has been posted on the portal.

6. A PDF file reader on the phone is required in order to read the books. This resource has been provided to make learning fun and simple.

What benefits does the E-Pathshala app offer?

The following are some benefits of the e-Pathshala app:

1. Online e-books are available and simple to access.

2. The application is compact and uses little memory.

3. The app is available to users across several platforms.

4. E-Books are accessible to everyone on tablets, desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

How does E-Pathshala benefit various users?

Students :

From Classes 1 through 12, they can read and share digital textbooks. Additionally, they get access to films, additional reading, question banks, maps, audio, etc. They receive information about forthcoming workshops, exhibitions, competitions, and other activities. Additionally, they have access to flipbook-style activity books and electronic comics.

Researchers :

They can find magazines, journals, other publications, and reports using the app. They can contribute to journals and publications via the app.

Teachers :

They can find all of the course textbooks, videos, pictures, and audio files they need, as well as question banks, research papers, maps, syllabuses, sourcebooks, policy documents, curricular materials, and more. The app can assist them in efficiently educating pupils and transferring knowledge to them.

How should I operate the e-Pathshala app?

One of the top online learning systems, E-Pathshala, is easily accessible to users. It is accessible via desktop, laptop, and mobile devices. The procedures to use the E-Pathshala are as follows:

1. Create a profile and download the app from the Play store.

2. Obtain access to a range of choices.

3. Please consult the chapter in the app.

4. Each chapter has a Quick Response (QR) code in the upper right hand corner.

5. Look up the code.

6. You will then watch the video and have access to all the lesson-related information.


1. Is E-Pathshala available for free?

E-Pathshala is, in fact, free to use.

2. How do I get E-Pathshala to download?

For Android and iOS devices, respectively, the Google Play Store and the App Store are where you may download e-Pathshala.

3. How do I use E-Pathshala to search for certain instructional materials?

By using the app's search feature or the list of available categories and subcategories, you can look for specific instructional materials on e-Pathshala.

4. Can I use any device to access E-Pathshala?

Android and iOS devices can access the mobile app E-Pathshala.


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