Published on:
December 26, 2022

Create Invoice on Swipe

Step 1. Go to Sales > Select Create Invoice.

To create and invoice first go to sales on the left hand side of the dashboard. After clicking on 'sales'. A drop down menu appear.

Click on create invoice. You can also select create invoice from the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Create invoice
Create invoice on Swipe

Step 2: Here you can add a new customer.

Add new customers in Swipe

Step 3: Here you can add existing customer from the list.

Add for existing customers.

Step 4: Enter date & due date.

select date and due date

Step 5: You can add reference here for this invoice.

add reference

Step 6. Here you can add a new product.

Add product on Swipe

Step 7: You can search for existing product

add existing product

Step 8: Use show/hide description of the products in the invoice

Show description of products

Step 9: Fill in other details.

(like quantity, unit price, price with tax and discount in both percentage and rupees)

other details

Step 10: Create & Edit notes as well as terms conditions.

add terms and conditions

Step 11: Save the invoice for later or print it immediately.

save and print


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March 16, 2024