June 12, 2023
Durga Prasad

Understanding Types of Income Tax Notices : A Comprehensive Guide

An income tax notice is a written note the Income Tax Department sends to a taxpayer informing him of a problem with his tax account. For various reasons, such as filing or not filing an income tax return, making an assessment, requesting specific information, etc., the notice may be sent. When the Income Tax Department sends a notice, the taxpayer is required to respond to it within a certain amount of time and take legal action against the taxing authorities.

Types of Income Tax Notices

Intimation under Section 143(1):

An intimation under Section 143(1) is a common notice confirming the processing of a taxpayer's tax return. It provides details such as income, deductions, and tax computation. If there are no discrepancies, no action is required. However, if errors are found, corrective action must be taken.

Notice for Scrutiny Assessment:

A scrutiny assessment notice is issued when tax authorities decide to examine a taxpayer's income and deductions in detail. It requires the submission of specific information or documents. Responding within the stipulated time frame and providing the necessary information is crucial to avoid penalties or further investigation.

Notice for Best Judgment Assessment:

If a taxpayer fails to file a tax return or respond to the scrutiny assessment notice, tax authorities can proceed with a best judgement assessment. In this case, the tax officer estimates the taxpayer's income and deductions based on available information. Complying with earlier notices and providing accurate information is essential to avoid this situation.

Notice for Reassessment:

A reassessment notice is sent when the tax department believes that the taxpayer's income has escaped assessment. Reasons for reassessment will be provided, and the taxpayer can present their case. Seeking professional assistance is advisable to ensure compliance and mitigate legal implications.

Notice for Demand of Outstanding Tax:

This notice is issued when a taxpayer has unpaid tax liabilities, including interest and penalties. It specifies the amount due and the timeframe for payment. Ignoring this notice can lead to further legal action. Prompt response and payment, or requesting an instalment plan, are crucial.

Notice for Survey or Investigation:

In cases of suspected tax evasion or irregularities, tax authorities may issue a notice for survey or investigation. This grants them the authority to conduct on-site inspections or collect additional information. Cooperating with officials and seeking professional advice is recommended to protect rights and interests.

What to Do After Receiving Income Tax Notices::

Review the Notice Carefully:

Thoroughly read the notice to understand the reason behind it and the specific information or action required. Note the response deadline.

Gather Documentation:

Collect all relevant documents and ensure the information provided is accurate, complete, and supported by appropriate documentation.

Seek Professional Help:

Consult a qualified tax professional if unsure about responding or understanding the notice. They can guide you, prepare a suitable response, and represent you before tax authorities if needed.

Respond within the Stipulated Time Frame:

Timely response is crucial. Failing to respond or missing the deadline can result in penalties, additional tax liabilities, or legal consequences. Adhere to the specified timeframe.

Maintain Copies of Communication:

Keep copies of all correspondence, including the notice, response, and supporting documents for future reference and evidence if required.


In conclusion, It's not necessary to become anxious when receiving a tax notice. It is essential to comprehend the various notice types and the implications of each. You can efficiently address the notice and remain in compliance with tax laws by responding promptly, providing accurate information, and enlisting professional assistance when necessary. 


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