December 26, 2022

Lakhsmi's BakeHouse

"My daughter is my first VIP customer and the biggest critic"

After years of being a homemaker, I decided to open my own little bakehouse. I started baking when my daughter Bavagna was just 4 years old. In my little effort to make tasty healthy cookies and pastries for her, I ended up realising my own passion for baking, says Lakshmi Tarani Arlagadda.

Lakshmi who is living in Hyderabad for the past 6 years runs her own baking business from My Home Avatar, where she offers almost forty different options to her customers. She specializes in cookies, brownies and cakes and our personal favourites are chocolate walnut brownies, Apple cinnamon Teacake, Chocolate vanilla Marble Bundt cake. She offers completely egg-less products and they are not only handmade and hygienic but made with the best quality ingredients available. Some days I'm completely occupied with my baking and other days it's just a matter of a few hours said Lakshmi talking about her daily life. 

When asked about how the pandemic affected her bakery, she recalled that as her business is online her sales were quite consistent as everyone wanted to try her varied range of cakes and cookies during the lockdown. But she also acknowledges that obtaining the top quality ingredients was a struggle. 

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Lakshmi feels she is still in the learning process and wants to explore more of her online store before moving to a retail store. Presently she is focusing on spreading her business across her neighborhood through various channels such as outsourcing delivery partners and more.

When asked about how Swipe has helped her with her business Lakshmi to our delight explained that the Swipe app has made her business operations way easier. From keeping track of expenses, sales to online orders everything is within the reach of her palm. For someone who is just starting out her business, she explains how Swipe's Online store has made it easier for her to manage her orders and transactions.

Lakshmi while talking about what keeps her going recalls how her daughter was the sole reason behind the start of her business but over time she ended up discovering her own innate passion for baking. From trying to make homemade products for her little kid she ended up being the businesswoman she is today.

Visit Lakshmi's Bakehouse store only on Swipe.

Lakhsmi's bakehouse


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