March 21, 2023

Understanding the kayakalp scheme

By recognizing their efforts, the Kayakalp program attempts to promote cleanliness throughout the public health sector. It primarily focuses on improving the cleanliness, sanitary, waste management, and prevention of infection across all public health care facilities in India as an extension of the "Swachh Bharat Abhiyan."

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) introduced this initiative on May 15, 2015, in an effort to recognize and honor the positive work being done at the district and state levels by hospitals and community health centers to create a more hygienic and pure environment.

Broadly speaking, it has expanded its wingspan to PHC level (2016) and Urban Health Facilities (2017) after beginning at District hospitals in 2015 and has resulted in a high percentage of positive outcomes for healthy behaviors.

What Are the Goals of the Kayakalp Program?

1. to encourage greater sanitation, waste management, infection control, and hygiene practices.

2. Recognize and honor public healthcare facilities for their outstanding efforts.

3. To further improve the facilities, develop a culture of peer review and constant evaluation.

4. developing and disseminating workable plans for raising the standard of services provided by healthcare facilities across the country.

Who Qualifies for the Kayakalp Program?

1. Qualification for the Kayakalp scheme is determined by the following criteria:

2. organization related to the committee on infection control and hygiene.

3. Periodically, a body organizes internal or peer evaluations based on the predetermined standards.

4. institutions with a peer review procedure score of at least 70%.

What Are the Kayakalp Scheme Rules?

1.. Enhancing hospital facilities and upkeep

2. Administration of sanitation and hygiene

3. Trash Management, Dry and Wet

4. Management of Infection Control

5. Medical Assistance Services

6. Encouraging Hygiene

Later the assessment is done. Based on the maintenance of the sanitation, the hospitals are awarded for its work.


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