Published on:
October 23, 2023
Shaik Musrath

HSN Code 401: A Comprehensive Guide to Rubber and Articles

HSN Code 401 is the gateway to the world of rubber and rubber articles, encompassing a wide range of products made from this versatile material. In this blog post, we will explore HSN Code 401, exploring what it represents and its significance in global trade.

HSN Code 401: Rubber and Articles

HSN Code 401 is a broad category that includes rubber and various rubber articles. Rubber, a unique material with exceptional elasticity and durability, is used in countless applications across industries. 

some key subcategories and products under this HSN code:

Rubber Sheets, Rods, and Tubes (4011):

These are basic rubber products widely used for various industrial purposes. Rubber sheets are employed for gasket manufacturing, while rubber rods and tubes find applications in machinery and engineering.

Rubber Conveyor or Transmission Belts (4010):

Conveyor belts, commonly used in manufacturing and logistics, fall under this category. These belts ensure the smooth and efficient movement of materials in factories and warehouses.

Rubber Tires and Tubes (4012):

One of the most familiar applications of rubber, tires, and tubes are essential components of vehicles, from bicycles to automobiles and heavy machinery. Understanding HSN Code 401 is crucial for the automotive industry and tire manufacturers.

Rubber Footwear (4016):

Rubber footwear includes items like rain boots, rubber sandals, and galoshes. This category is relevant for both manufacturers and retailers in the fashion and outdoor apparel industry.

Rubber Hoses and Flexible Tubing (4017):

Rubber hoses play a vital role in a range of applications, including plumbing, automotive systems, and industrial machinery. These hoses ensure the safe and efficient transfer of liquids and gases.

Rubber Belting (4016):

Rubber belting includes transmission or conveyor belts made from rubber. They are used extensively in manufacturing, agriculture, and logistics.

Rubber Gaskets, Washers, and Seals (4016):

Gaskets, washers, and seals are essential components for ensuring airtight and watertight connections in various industries, from plumbing to automotive.

Rubber Articles for the Automotive Industry (4016):

This category covers rubber articles specific to the automotive sector, including rubber seals, grommets, and bushings. These components contribute to the smooth functioning and safety of vehicles.

Miscellaneous Rubber Articles (4017):

Code 4017 is a catch-all category that includes various rubber products, such as rubber bands, erasers, and even playground equipment.


HSN Code 401 serves as the linchpin for the rubber industry, encompassing a multitude of rubber products that touch our lives daily. Whether you're a manufacturer, distributor, or consumer, understanding HSN Code 401 is essential for ensuring the smooth flow of rubber goods in the global market. This code facilitates trade by providing a standardized and universally recognized system for classifying rubber and rubber articles.

So, the next time you don a pair of rubber-soled shoes, drive your car on rubber tires, or rely on rubber gaskets to keep your plumbing leak-free, remember that HSN Code 401 is silently at work, ensuring the efficient and organized flow of rubber products across borders.


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