March 21, 2023

Information on How does the bulk-generation facility of e-Way Bill work?

Large-scale companies or logistic operators who manage numerous shipments across the nation in one day might choose a straightforward and time-saving solution where they can create all necessary e-Way Bills (EWBs) or modify required details by uploading a particular image.

This is facilitated by utilising the e-way bills platform's bulk e-way bill creation feature. When a user must create several e-way bills, merge multiple e-way bills, or modify multiple e-way bills simultaneously via a single uploading, the batch e-way bill method is employed.

On any particular day, large commercial organisations and/or logistical operators have a number of shipments travelling throughout the nation. Due to this, companies now need a quick, easy solution that will allow them to upload just one file to obtain or modify vehicle information for all necessary e-way invoices.

The e-way bill bulk creation capability, which is located mostly on e-way bills website, can assist in making this happen. When someone wants to generate and smoothly update numerous of these e-way bills at once, they can use the bulk e-way bill generating option. We will go into detail about the total minimum of ways to accomplish the aforementioned duties in this article.

What are the documents required?

Combined EWBs and bulk e-way bills must meet the following requirements:

1. Signing up just on e-way bill website.

2. You need to have the associated invoice, bill, or challan for the delivery of products.

3. The vehicle's VIN or the shipper ID (for transport by road).

4. The document's dates, transporter ID, and transporter documentation number (for transport by rail, air, or ship).

5. You must edit the EWB JSON templates, EWB bulk converter, or excel template with the information specified at steps 2 through 4.

6. You need each separate e-way bill number for the shipments to be transported if you are creating combined EWBs.

Generating the bulk e-way bills

Method 1

Step 1 : Install file the "e-Way Bill JSON Format" or "Consolidated e-Way Bill JSON Format" document of the JSON structure.

Step 2: Add the necessary information to the download link. The JSON file is prepared for upload.

Method 2

Step 1: Get "e-Way Bill JSON Format.xlsx" or "Consolidated e-Way Bill JSON Format.xlsx," the appropriate Excel templates.

Step 2: Download the "e-Way Bill converter tool.xlsm" or "Consolidated e-Way Bill converter tool.xlsm" converter tool.

Step 3: The programme assists in merging several electronic waybills (EWBs) from an Excel sheet into an one JSON file.

Step 4: Add the necessary information to the.xlsx file (excel template).

Step 5: Transform the excel spreadsheet into a JSON file using the.xlsm converter tool.

Step 6: The final JSON file is prepared for upload.

Which method can be suggested to use?

The second approach—converting excel together into JSON template in bulk—is preferable to the first—updating the JSON templates immediately and utilising it. The rationale is that any problems will be detected and notified to you for rectification long before the JSON file is uploaded when you transform the new Excel worksheet into the JSON templates.

Updating the bulk file information

The time formerly spent manually updating each vehicle's name one at a time using the bulk creation tool is greatly reduced. Let's examine the process for updating car information in bulk:

FIRST STEP: Click "How to use" on the home tab's left side to bring up a drop-down menu.

STEP 2: Next, choose Tools from the drop-down menu and then choose Bulk generation Tools.

The "Vehicle No Updation JSON Preparation" must be downloaded from the downloads page that is brought up in step three.

Step 4: complete the downloaded excel file's fields and press "Validate." The entered information may undergo one cross-check.

STEP 5: After all the information has been thoroughly checked, select "Prepare JSON" to generate a JSON file that is ready for usage.

The JSON files can be shared to the E-Way site once they have all been prepared.

This has become a very helpful tool for the large business owners. With the help of this facility, the e-Way bills can be generated easily. You can always upload and download the files from it. So, this will be an easy way by which you can use the portal to create bulk bills.


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