September 21, 2023

How to hide a product for sale on the web

Step 1: Go to Products / Services 

Select the Products / Services option from the dashboard on the left. 

go to products and services

Step 2: Select the product 

Select or search for the product you would like to hide from sale by clicking on the search option in the navbar. 

Now, Click on the edit icon at the end of the product column.

edit a product

Step 4: Switch on “Not For Sale”.

Click on the “More Details?” button at the bottom of the screen and switch on the toggle bar below “Not For Sale”.

go to more details
not for sale toggle bar

Step 5: Click on “Add Item”.

Now, Click on the “Add Item.” button at the top right corner of the screen to add the product. 

click on add item

Congratulations! You have successfully hidden a product from sale. A pop-up will appear at the top of the screen informing the same. 

From now on, you can use this product for purchases whenever you create a new transaction. ‍

product hidden successfully