September 19, 2023
Shaik Musrath

GST Registration in Gujarat: Passport-Like Verification for Enhanced Credibility

In a proactive move to combat fraudulent billing practices, the Gujarat government has introduced a passport-like mechanism for GST (Goods and Services Tax) registration. This significant step, aimed at curbing bogus billing, was recently announced by state Finance Minister Kanubhai Desai during the monsoon session of the legislative assembly.

What is the Challenge of Bogus Billing

Bogus billing has been a persistent challenge in the world of taxation, and the GST regime in India is no exception. Unscrupulous individuals have exploited loopholes to claim tax credits using fake bills, thereby undermining the integrity of the tax system. To address this issue head-on, Gujarat has decided to fortify its GST registration process.

Why Passport-Like GST Registration is required

The crux of this new approach lies in the incorporation of a passport-like mechanism into the GST registration procedure. Under this revamped process, applicants seeking a GST number will undergo thorough scrutiny, including police verification. This additional layer of security is poised to serve as a robust deterrent against fraudulent activities, particularly in the realm of bogus billing.

Finance Minister Kanubhai Desai emphasized the significance of this move, stating, "To tackle the menace of bogus billing, we have decided to tighten the process of GST registration and make it more stringent. We will follow a passport-like registration process (including police verification) for those seeking a GST number. This will eliminate the chances of fraud through bogus billing."

Addressing the Concerns of the Opposition

This announcement comes in response to concerns raised by members of the opposition, particularly the Congress party, regarding the fraudulent practices of certain individuals who manipulate the system by presenting counterfeit bills. The move demonstrates the government's commitment to ensuring the credibility and fairness of the GST framework.

How to Enhance Credibility in Taxation

The decision to implement a passport-like verification system for GST registration is a proactive measure that reinforces the credibility of the taxation system in Gujarat. By conducting police verification and scrutinizing applicants more rigorously, the government is sending a clear message: fraudulent activities will not be tolerated, and the tax system will operate with integrity and transparency.

A Positive Step Towards a Fair Taxation System

This development is undoubtedly a positive step towards a fair and accountable taxation system in Gujarat. It not only protects the interests of the government and honest taxpayers but also safeguards the overall economy from the detrimental effects of tax fraud. As other states may consider adopting similar measures, Gujarat's move could potentially set a precedent for more stringent GST registration processes nationwide.


In conclusion, the introduction of a passport-like mechanism in GST registration in Gujarat reflects the state's commitment to combating tax fraud and upholding the principles of fairness and credibility in taxation. This initiative demonstrates that when governments take proactive steps to address loopholes and vulnerabilities in the tax system, it ultimately benefits both the state and its citizens.


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