July 11, 2023

GST: Provisional Attachment of Bank Account is to be Lifted up after One Year Goods and Services Tax

In the realm of taxation, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) plays a significant role in economies around the world. It is an indirect tax levied on the supply of goods and services and aims to simplify the taxation process. However, there are instances where the government may resort to provisional attachment of bank accounts for certain taxpayers. This article delves into the concept of the provisional attachment of bank accounts under GST and examines the circumstances in which this attachment is lifted after one year.

What is the Provisional Attachment of Bank Account under GST?

Under the GST regime, the provisional attachment of a bank account refers to a temporary measure taken by the tax authorities to secure the recovery of any outstanding tax liability from a taxpayer. It empowers the tax department to attach the funds available in the taxpayer's bank account to ensure prompt payment of taxes due.

The provisional attachment of a bank account is a precautionary step taken by the tax authorities when they suspect that the taxpayer may dispose of their assets or evade payment of taxes. It provides the tax department with the necessary means to safeguard the interests of the revenue and prevent tax evasion.

Circumstances Leading to the Provisional Attachment

There are several circumstances that may lead to the provisional attachment of a bank account under the GST framework. Some of the common situations include:

Non-payment of GST Liability

When a taxpayer fails to discharge their GST liability within the stipulated time frame, the tax authorities may initiate the provisional attachment of their bank account. This measure acts as a deterrent against defaulting on tax payments and encourages timely compliance.

Fraudulent Activities

Instances of fraudulent activities, such as issuing fake invoices, claiming input tax credit falsely, or engaging in tax evasion schemes, can trigger the provisional attachment of a bank account. The tax authorities aim to curb such malpractices and protect the revenue by ensuring that the taxpayers involved are held accountable.

Failure to Furnish Returns

Failing to file GST returns within the prescribed due dates can also lead to the provisional attachment of a bank account. The tax authorities consider non-compliance with return filing obligations as a serious offense and take appropriate action to secure the tax liabilities.

Pending Investigations

In cases where the tax department is conducting investigations or audits on a taxpayer, they may opt for the provisional attachment of the taxpayer's bank account. This action prevents the dissipation of funds and ensures that the taxpayer cooperates with the investigation process.

How Long Does the Provisional Attachment Last?

The provisional attachment of a bank account under GST is not a permanent measure. As per the GST laws, the attachment is typically lifted after one year from the date of the attachment, subject to certain conditions and requirements.

During this one-year period, the tax authorities carry out a thorough examination of the taxpayer's financial records, liabilities, and compliance history. If the taxpayer satisfies the necessary criteria and settles their outstanding dues, the attachment is lifted.


The provisional attachment of a bank account under GST is a powerful tool employed by tax authorities to ensure the timely payment of taxes and prevent tax evasion. While it is a temporary measure, taxpayers must take the necessary steps to settle their outstanding dues within the one-year period to have the attachment lifted. It is essential for taxpayers to maintain proper compliance with GST regulations to avoid the repercussions of provisional attachment. By adhering to their tax obligations, taxpayers contribute to the smooth functioning of the GST system and promote a fair and transparent taxation.


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