February 25, 2023

Cullet - GST Rates and HSN Code 7001

As a small or medium business owner or startup founder in India, it’s important to understand the basics of GST rates and HSN codes. In this article, we’ll be discussing Cullet and its related GST rates and HSN code.

What is Cullet?

Cullet is a type of waste glass that is recycled and used in the production of new glass products. It is the broken or waste glass that is obtained during the manufacturing process. Cullet is considered as a highly valuable raw material in the glass manufacturing industry.

GST Rates for Cullet

The GST rates for Cullet vary according to the type of glass product it is used in. For example, if Cullet is used in the manufacture of glass fibers, the GST rate is 18%. Similarly, if it is used in the manufacture of glass beads, the GST rate is 12%.

Here is a table that summarizes the GST rates for different types of glass products:

Type of Glass Product GST Rate Glass fibers 18% Glass beads 12% Borosilicate glass 18% Soda-lime glass 18% Other glass products 18%

HSN Code for Cullet

The HSN code for Cullet is 7001. This code is used for glass cullet, waste and scrap of glass. It falls under the heading of “Glass and Glassware” in the HSN code list.


Understanding the GST rates and HSN codes for Cullet is important for small and medium business owners and startup founders in the glass manufacturing industry. By knowing the correct GST rates and HSN codes, you can avoid paying unnecessary taxes and fines. Make sure to consult with a qualified tax professional if you have any questions or concerns regarding Cullet and its related GST rates and HSN code.


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