July 11, 2023
Shaik Musrath

All GST registered businesses will now have to geocode their addresses

As part of ongoing efforts to enhance the efficiency and integrity of the GST system, the GST Network (GSTN) has announced a major milestone. In a recent update, GSTN revealed that it has successfully geocoded 1.8 crore addresses of registered businesses across all states and union territories. Geocoding refers to the process of assigning geographical coordinates to a specific address, allowing for the precise identification of a registered entity's location. This implementation aims to curb fraudulent practices and ensure the authenticity of registered businesses within the GST ecosystem.

Enhancing Accuracy and Transparency:

Geocoding brings an additional layer of accuracy and transparency to the GST system. By associating geographical coordinates with registered business addresses, the GSTN enables authorities to pinpoint the exact physical location of a registered entity. This functionality serves as a valuable tool in the fight against bogus registrations and other fraudulent activities.

Efficient Pilot and Nationwide Rollout:

The Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) initiated a successful pilot project for geocoding in a couple of states. This pilot not only tested the technical feasibility of implementing geocoding within the GSTN but also showcased its potential to improve the overall effectiveness of the tax system. Building on this success, the functionality for geocoding the principal place of business address has now been made live for all states and union territories. This nationwide rollout signifies a significant step forward in strengthening the GST ecosystem.

Benefits for Authorities and Businesses:

Geocoding empowers tax authorities to perform detailed analysis and validation of registered business locations. By cross-referencing geocoded data with other information, authorities can easily identify suspicious patterns and take prompt action against non-compliant businesses. Moreover, geocoding aids in streamlining the audit process, allowing authorities to verify the physical presence of a registered business quickly.

For businesses, geocoding offers several advantages. It reduces the chances of fraudulent registrations by validating the authenticity of the registered address. Geocoded data can also assist businesses in identifying potential market opportunities by analyzing the distribution and concentration of registered entities in specific areas. Additionally, businesses can leverage this information for strategic decision-making, such as identifying suitable locations for expansion or targeting specific customer segments.

Future Implications:

The successful implementation of geocoding within the GSTN marks a significant milestone in the evolution of India's tax ecosystem. This technological advancement sets a solid foundation for future enhancements and innovations within the GST system. It also reinforces the government's commitment to ensuring transparency, accountability, and the efficient functioning of the GST regime.

Going forward, the geocoding functionality can be further expanded to include additional address verification mechanisms, such as real-time address validation or integration with mapping services. These developments will continue to strengthen the fight against fraudulent activities, enhance taxpayer compliance, and ultimately contribute to the growth of India's economy.


The introduction of geocoding within the GSTN is a commendable step towards curbing bogus registrations and improving the integrity of the GST system. By geocoding 1.8 crore addresses of registered businesses and making the functionality live across all states and union territories, the GSTN has taken a significant stride in ensuring the accuracy and transparency of the tax ecosystem. This implementation will empower authorities to identify fraudulent practices swiftly, while businesses can benefit from increased authenticity and strategic insights. The geocoding initiative paves the way for further advancements in the GST regime and reinforces the government's commitment to a robust taxation framework in India.


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