February 25, 2023

Domestic Services - GST Rates  SAC CODE 9998

Domestic services are essential for every household in India. From housekeeping to cooking, domestic services play a significant role in the daily lives of people. The introduction of GST in India has led to several changes in the taxation of domestic services.

Understanding GST Rates for Domestic Services

The GST rates for domestic services fall under the category of SAC code 9998. The GST rates for domestic services are 18% for services provided by businesses with an annual turnover of more than Rs. 20 lakhs. For businesses with a turnover of less than Rs. 20 lakhs, the GST rates are 5%.

The GST rates for domestic services can be further categorized into the following:

  1. Housekeeping services, including cleaning, washing, and ironing
  2. Cooking services
  3. Driver services
  4. Gardening services
  5. Baby-sitting services
  6. Pet-sitting services

Understanding SAC Code 9998 for Domestic Services

The SAC code 9998 is used for domestic services. The code includes a range of services provided to households, including those mentioned above. The SAC code 9998 is divided into the following sub-headings:

1. 999811 - Housekeeping services

2. 999812 - Cooking services

3. 999813 - Driver services

4. 999814 - Gardening services

5. 999815 - Baby-sitting services

6. 999816 - Pet-sitting services

The SAC code 9998 is crucial for businesses providing domestic services. It helps in identifying the type of service provided and the applicable GST rate.

Impact of GST on Domestic Services

The introduction of GST in India has had a significant impact on domestic services. The GST rates have led to an increase in the cost of services for households. However, the GST rates have also brought about several benefits, including:

1. Unified taxation system

2. Transparency in taxation

3. Reduction in tax evasion

The GST rates for domestic services have made it essential for businesses providing these services to register under GST. This has led to more businesses becoming formalized, which has helped in their growth and development.


Understanding the GST rates and SAC code 9998 for domestic services is essential for small and medium business owners and startup founders in India. It can help in managing their finances better and ensuring compliance with GST regulations. The GST rates have had an impact on the cost of domestic services, but they have also brought about several benefits. Overall, the GST rates for domestic services have been a step towards a more transparent and unified taxation system in India.


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