March 21, 2023

UDAN Scheme- objectives, implementation and benefits

To boost air travel in India, The government has launched the Ude Desh ka Aam nagrik scheme or the Udan scheme. To make air travel more feasible and accessible, various measures are being taken to do the same. Air travel will be cheaper and small towns will be connected with big cities via the UDAN scheme.

A lot of citizens can have access to flights at a much cheaper rate. The government of India is known to provide subsidies to support this scheme. This scheme is known to improve the standard of living of the country with less cost along with feasibility. Citizens can travel throughout the country easily and can access even remote places.

Let us understand a bit more about this scheme further in this article

Objectives of the UDAN Scheme

The main objective of the UDAN scheme is to connect big cities to remote or small towns which are not easily accessible. Affordable airfares supported by government subsidies make the entire scheme doable. With the help of this scheme, time and money shall be saved in a big way which will also give common citizens access to travel in planes.

Implementation of the UDAN Scheme

Some of the key implementations of the UDAN scheme are as follows:-

1. Under this scheme, the aviation company bid for the air route

2. The company which asks for the lowest subsidy is awarded the contract

3. Under this scheme the fare for each flight, the airline has to book a half or a minimum of 9 or a maximum of 40 seats

4. Through this scheme, small cities of the country will be connected with the country

5. Presently the fare for traveling by taxi is Rs 10 per kilometer but under this scheme, the fare for 500 km air travel has been fixed at Rs 2500 only

6. That means Rs 5 per kilometer which is less than the taxi travel cost

7. With the implementation of this scheme, the time and money of the citizens of the country will be saved

8. Tourists will also be promoted through this scheme

9. 46 important tourist spots will be selected under this scheme

10. With the help of this scheme, employment in sectors like airport operations, aircraft maintenance, air traffic control, and technical staff

Launch of Udan Scheme

1. In the year 2016, the union government launched a national civil aviation policy

2. UDAN scheme was a component of the national civil aviation policy

3. This scheme is also known as Ude Desh ka Aam Nagrik

4. The government launched this scheme in October of the year 2016

5. The airport authority of India has also waived the airport fees

6. In the year April 2017, the first flight from Delhi to Shimla under this scheme was flagged by prime minister Narendra Modi

7. Under this scheme, the government of India compensates for less in the form of viability gap funding to airlines

8. State governments are also providing security, electricity, and firefighting facilities free of cost

Benefits and Features of the UDAN scheme

Some of the benefits and features of the UDAN scheme are as follows:-

1. UDAN scheme is a regional airport development program launched by the government of India

2. It is a part of the regional connectivity scheme for upgrading under-serviced air routes

3. Through this scheme, air travel will be cheaper and more affordable

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