February 25, 2023

The Impact of GST Rates on the Entertainment Industry

India's entertainment industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors, contributing significantly to the country's economy. With the introduction of GST, the industry has undergone a significant transformation in terms of tax compliance and revenue generation. This article aims to discuss the impact of GST rates on different segments of the entertainment industry and how it affects businesses in this sector.

GST Rates for the Entertainment Industry

Under GST, the entertainment industry is classified under the Services sector and attracts an 18% tax rate for most of its offerings. The GST on movie tickets was reduced to 12% for tickets priced up to Rs 100 and 18% for tickets priced above that. However, the GST on cable and DTH services remains at 18%, which has led to an increase in the subscription cost of these services.

Impact on Movie Theatres

The GST on movie tickets has had a mixed impact on movie theatres. With the reduction of tax rates, movie theatres have experienced an increase in footfalls, especially for small-budget films. However, the reduction in tax rates has also affected the profit margins of multiplex chains, which rely heavily on the sale of high-priced tickets.

Impact on Cable and DTH Services

The entertainment industry has witnessed a significant shift from traditional cable and DTH services to online streaming services in recent years. However, the 18% GST rate on cable and DTH services has led to higher subscription costs, which may deter customers from subscribing to these services. This, in turn, may lead to a further increase in the popularity of online streaming platforms.

Impact on Live Performances

Live performances, including concerts, plays, and other events, are a significant part of the entertainment industry. Under GST, live performances attract an 18% tax rate, which has resulted in higher ticket prices for customers. This has affected the demand for live performances, especially for niche events that cater to a specific audience.

Challenges and Opportunities for Businesses

The entertainment industry has had to adapt to the changes brought about by GST, which has presented both challenges and opportunities for businesses in this sector. Compliance with GST regulations has been a significant challenge for many small and medium-sized businesses in the industry, leading to increased operational costs. However, the reduced tax rates on movie tickets have provided an opportunity for movie theatres to attract more customers and increase footfalls.


The entertainment industry has undergone a significant transformation with the introduction of GST in India. While the reduced tax rates on movie tickets have led to an increase in footfalls for movie theatres, the higher subscription costs for cable and DTH services may affect the demand for these services. Compliance with GST regulations remains a significant challenge for businesses in the industry, but the opportunities presented by the reduced tax rates provide a chance for businesses to grow and expand their customer base.


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