December 29, 2022
Mohith Reddy

Skill India Mission

The government of India launched an umbrella scheme with multiple other upskilling programs under it, naming it Skill India Mission in 2015, which aimed to educate the Indian youth in different sectors that would help increase work productivity and the employment rate of the nation.

Overall, the skill India mission is an initiative to develop the nation. Here is all you need to know about the skill India development program.

Reasons behind the skill India mission

The primary objective of the skill India mission is to train over 40 crores of Indian youth with market-relevant skills by the end of 2022.

1. This mission plans to open multiple opportunities and spaces for Indian youth to develop skills.

2. The mission also aims to develop the sectors which were set under the skill India mission, including all the other booming sectors.

Secondary Objectives:

1. The skill India mission was established to bridge the skills gap between employees and the industry.

2. It aims to reduce India's poverty and increase the Indian business economy by letting people compete globally.

3. It focuses on increasing the workforce in India by developing the existing skills and building competency rather than giving qualifications.

One must comprehend the need for the skill India mission to understand the initiative.

Why did India need the skill India mission?

According to the 2014 report, the workforce in India was at 2%, and there were other problems in getting employment among educated professionals. And this resulted in a lack of vocational and professional skills leading people to stay unemployed. As the unemployment rates went high, the employment percentage declined. And this is how the skills India mission started.

Goals to attain by the end of 2022

A study performed by the skill development council (NSDC) indicated that 24 key sectors require 13 crores of skilled people. With that, the government of India plans to accomplish the below-mentioned goals.

1. The casual coworkers who occupy 90% of the labor force are unskilled in the job they perform. The skill India mission plans to provide adequate training for all the workers in their respective industries.

2. With proper guidance, this initiative aims to change the perspective of people in vocational education.

3. This program aims to help people adapt to the constantly changing technological world with the relevant skills to stay updated.

4. The skill India mission was also funded to change the poor infrastructure of training centers.

Why is the government more focused on the skill India mission?

1. Demographics: one of the extensive advantages of India is the highest youth population, while the world faces a problem with aging. Seeking this as an opportunity, India takes pride in spreading the workforce across the globe.

2. The percentage of people taking the skill training program in India is 10% which is low compared to the other advanced countries.

3. As agribusiness is reducing human efforts due to technology, people can now focus more on other sectors.

Schemes under the skill India mission 

Skill India's mission is an open umbrella for many schemes and specialized programs. The sub-schemes under the skill India mission are as follows:

National Skill Development Mission (NSDM):

NSDM aims to create a convergence among various sectors concerning skill training activities.

Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY):

With many specialized components, PMKVY is a certification skill training program for young India to build industry skills.

India Skill Development Service (ISDS):

India skill development service is a new government service created by the government of India to encourage government job aspirants.

Skill India scheme features

Many features make skill India's mission stand out from the other skill development programs. Below are a few attributes of the program.

1. The scheme aims to employ youth with employment and encourage hidden entrepreneurism within them.  

2. Irrespective of the field, the mission ensures to provide a skill training program for everybody.

3. The mission also includes all the booming industry skills to equip the youth.

4. All the training shall be provided at an international level. So, the Indian workforce can find jobs in India and foreign as the situation mandates.

5. The skill training program will be divided into categories, and the activities performed remain for the age group.

6. The course curriculum is not just about the classes but is more about the fun learning activities, co-curricular activities, and more.


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