February 25, 2023

Sauces - GST Rates  HSN Code 2103

Sauces are a widely used condiment in Indian cuisine, whether it's for adding a flavourful kick to your food or to enhance the taste of your favourite dishes. However, when it comes to GST rates and HSN codes for sauces, things can get a bit complicated. In this article, we'll discuss everything you need to know about sauces, including their GST rates and HSN codes.

What are Sauces?

Sauces are a liquid, semi-solid or creamy condiment that is added to food to enhance its flavour. They are typically made with a combination of herbs, spices, vegetables, fruits, and other ingredients, and come in a variety of flavours such as tomato, garlic, mustard, and BBQ to name a few.

GST Rates for Sauces

GST rates for sauces are determined based on the type of sauce and its ingredients. The GST rate for sauces is generally 18%, but there are some exceptions. For instance, sauces that contain milk or cream have a GST rate of 12%.

The GST rate for sauces can also vary depending on whether they are sold as a packaged or unpackaged product. If a sauce is sold in a package that is over Rs. 1000, the GST rate will be 12%. However, if the package is under Rs. 1000, the GST rate will be 18%.

HSN Code for Sauces

The HSN code for sauces is 2103. The HSN code is a 6-digit code that is used to classify products for tax purposes. The first two digits of the HSN code represent the chapter that the product belongs to, while the next two digits represent the heading. The last two digits represent the sub-heading.

For sauces, the HSN code is 2103, which falls under Chapter 21 - Miscellaneous Edible Preparations.


In conclusion, sauces are a popular condiment that is used in Indian cuisine. Their GST rates and HSN codes can vary based on the type of sauce and its ingredients, as well as whether it is sold packaged or unpackaged. Understanding the GST rates and HSN codes for sauces can help small and medium business owners and startup founders make informed decisions about their product pricing and taxation.


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