December 26, 2022

NOC: How to make a consent letter for GST registration

Let's understand what NOC is before understanding how to sign the consent letter for GST registration. Businesses need to collect taxes from their buyers and pass on the credit of tax paid. Along with registering under GST, complying with the same. Only such businesses will be legally recognized as suppliers of goods or services.

NOC Consent letter

What is an NOC or Consent letter?

In cases of enterprises that do not have a recognize commercial place of business, many enterprises conduct their operations from home. If the premises where the work is being done is owned, a certificate proving the taxpayer's ownership must be uploaded at the time of registration. Incase the property is rented, a valid rent/lease agreement must be submitted. If it is neither owned or rented, taxpayers must provide a permission letter at the time they upload their evidence of place of business.

It is a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the owner of the premises stating that he doesn't have any objection with the taxer using the premises for carrying out business. Under the GST, there is no specific format for the consent letter. It can be any written document.

Who must sign the letter for NOC for GST registration?

The premises' owner must sign a consent letter. In certain cases, GST officers ask for a consent letter on a stamp paper, and the same would be notarize. However, you can upload the consent letter without even printing it on stamp paper. If a GST officer specifically requests that the content letter be printed on stamp paper, the taxpayer can get the necessary done.

Essential documents required along with the letter

The supply of the approval letter should be together with proof of company address, such as a Municipal Khata copy or an electricity bill.

How to upload signed consent letters for NOC on the GST portal?

1. Visit the GST portal and go to Services -> Registration -> New Registration.

2. While filling up the form, select ‚ Consent‚ under the nature of possession of premises if the place of business is a rented premise or the taxer uses the premises of a relative. The owner of the premises must sign the consent letter.

3. Upload the consent letter in PDF or JPEG format, but the file size cannot be more than 1 MB.

Format of a consent letter for GST registration



This is to certify that I ___________________(Name of the owner), owner of the property______________________, (Principal address) have permitted and allowed_______________________ (Name of the Proprietor) for operating and conducting their business from the ADDRESS MENTIONED ABOVE.

I further state that I have no objection if ____________________ (Name of the proprietor) uses the address of the said as their mailing address.

This is no objection certificate issued to obtain registration under GST.

Owner of the property



_______________ (Name of the owner)

Date: ______________

Place: ______________

Forgot to submit a consent letter? No worries

When completing the GST registration application in Form GST REG-01, if a taxpayer forgets to include the consent letter and the proof of address. In that case, the GST officer will contact the taxpayer by email or phone.

When a taxpayer receives such communication, he or she can include the consent letter to the application.


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