February 25, 2023
Pranjal Gupta

Membership Organization Services - GST Rates  SAC Code 9995

Membership Organization Services refer to the services provided by an organization to its members, such as trade associations, professional bodies, social clubs, and advocacy groups. These organizations promote the interests of their members and provide them with various benefits, such as networking opportunities, professional development, and advocacy support.

What are Membership Organization Services?

Membership Organization Services are a type of service provided by an organization to its members. These services can vary depending on the type of organization, but they generally include:

  1. Networking opportunities, such as conferences and events
  2. Professional development, such as training and certification programs
  3. Advocacy support, such as lobbying and policy advocacy
  4. Access to resources, such as research and publications
  5. Member discounts and benefits, such as insurance and travel discounts

GST Rates for Membership Organization Services

Membership Organization Services are subject to GST (Goods and Services Tax) in India. The GST rate for Membership Organization Services is 18%.

SAC Code for Membership Organization Services

The SAC (Services Accounting Code) for Membership Organization Services is 9995. This code is used to classify the services provided by membership organizations for the purpose of GST registration and compliance.

How to Register for GST for Membership Organization Services?

If you are a membership organization providing Membership Organization Services, you are required to register for GST. Here are the steps to register for GST:

  1. Visit the GST portal ( and click on 'Services' -> 'Registration' -> 'New Registration'
  2. Enter your details and submit the application
  3. Once the application is processed, you will receive a GST registration certificate


Membership Organization Services are an important part of the business ecosystem in India. They provide various benefits to their members and help them achieve their goals. It is important for membership organizations to comply with GST regulations and register for GST to avoid any penalties or legal issues.


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