December 26, 2022

Genies Magical Food

Just like in the stories, Genie is always full of surprises and fulfils everyone's wishes. Similarly, Genies Magical Food brings to you over 450 varieties of food items to fill your appetite. Sasi Bhushan, founder of Genies Magical Food candidly spoke to us about his passion for food and his future goals of his 3 years old business.

Coming from a family of businessmen Sasi has always been keen on his business dreams. Genies magical food offers multiple unique nutritional food items ranging from dry fruits to multi-flavoured ice pops evoking the nostalgia of the bite of our childhoods. Laddus, Apricot Energy Bars, and Pineapple Rings are some of our favourites.

Women comprise a huge part of his business. Sasi's wife has always been supportive and played an integral part of it all. He mentions how it hasn‚Äôt been a smooth journey to venture out with a new business idea and spread it within the community. He started out with his wife and now he is providing livelihood to eight other women working with Genies. 

When asked about what makes Genies magical food different he proudly told how most of the products offered by them have never been tried before and are unique in themselves. Although the pandemic took a toll on a lot of small businesses, fortunately, Genies was able to get through it due to its nutritional offerings and online presence. They were able to cater to people's need for nourishment and immunity-boosting edibles. 

Genies Magical Food

Sasi has registered his business on multiple E-commerce platforms like Flipkart, Amazon and community apps to spread his business. Currently, he is looking to raise funds through investors and scale up his business. Sasi signed up with Swipe around 8 months back and has been a part of our family ever since.

When asked about how Swipe has transformed his business, much to our delight he explains how it has made his business much smoother and time-saving. He specifically mentioned Swipe's customer support team and how they have always been on their toes to resolve all the queries and are always by his side. Initially, the brand which started with only 1 store has now grown to establish itself as a business with 10 franchises, backed by the technology of Swipe.

With every passing day, a dream which started out as a healthy alternative to snacks now wants to set out on the streets of every city in India. As a first step, Sasi wishes to grow out of his cloud kitchen and move to retail shops in Hyderabad. 

Let the taste do all the magic'~ A Journey Swipe is proud to be part of!

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