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December 29, 2022
Pranjal Gupta

Digital Shakti 4.0

The National Commission of Women  (NCW) has launched the fourth period of the Digital Shakti Campaign. NCW launched it in collaboration with Cyber Peace Foundation and Meta.

What is a Digital Shakti Campaign?

The  Digital Shakti Campaign is a national-level mission that started in 2018 to digitally engage and empower ladies and young ladies to guarantee their well-being in cyberspace. Through this drive, more than 3 lakh ladies across India have been made mindful of digital well-being measures, detailing and redressal components, information security, and innovation use.

Phase 1 of Digital Shakti Campaign

The Digital Shakti Campaign was sent off in Punjab College, Chandigarh on the eighteenth of June, 2018. The occasion was introduced by Kaptan Singh Solanki, Hon'ble Legislative head of Haryana. The primary stage was attempted as a team with Facebook and the Public Commission for Ladies.

From June 2018 to December 2019, a sum of 135+ studios on Web-based Security and Computerized Education were coordinated.

A sum of 62,000 young ladies and ladies were sharpened across 6 states in India, to be specific Delhi, Haryana, Maharashtra, Meghalaya, Tamil Nadu, and Manipur.

Phase 2 of Digital Shakti Campaign

In the subsequent stage, the mission was redone as the We Suspect Advanced - Computerized Shakti crusade, and sent off on the eleventh of February 2020, on the event of More secure Web Day with a disconnected studio that was led for north of 300 ladies in Lucknow. Over a time of a year, a sum of 167 studios and 1,05,000+ netizens from different foundations, including understudies, educators, and case managers, were prepared on the accompanying points:

1. Grasping Information and Computerized Impression

2. Dependable Web-based Conduct

3. Battling Falsehood

4. Cybercrime and Redressal

For what reason was the Digital Shakti Campaign started?

Over the course of the last ten years, there has been a flood in the number of cybercrimes in India. A larger part of these violations designated ladies. A portion of the purposes for this is the pervasiveness of colossal orientation imbalance and the absence of computerized education. Likewise, a large portion of the ones who are casualties of cybercrimes doesn't record whines because of the shortfall of help from family or policing the absence of mindfulness. Notwithstanding the presence of a cybercrime-revealing gateway to facilitate the protest detailing process, many cases stay forthcoming and unsettled. Those cases that have been settled and arranged off were accounted for again within 6 to a year on a normal. These difficulties make ladies and young ladies profoundly powerless against cybercrimes.

Digital Shakti 4.0:

The National Commission for Women (NCW)launched the fourth period of the Digital Shakti Campaign, a pan-India project on carefully engaging and skilling ladies and young ladies in the internet, yesterday. In accordance with its obligation to make places of refuge for ladies and young ladies on the web, Computerized Shakti 4.0 is centered around making ladies carefully gifted and mindful to face any unlawful/unseemly action on the web. NCW sent off it as a team with CyberPeace Establishment and Meta.

While tending to the crowd Smt Rekha Sharma, Director, NCW referenced the nonstop endeavors of the Commission for engaging ladies in each circle the country over. She said, "This new stage will end up being an achievement in guaranteeing safe digital spaces for ladies. Computerized Shakti has been speeding up the advanced interest of ladies and young ladies by preparing them to utilize innovation for their potential benefit and to guard themselves on the web. I accept the venture will keep on contributing towards the bigger objective of battling digital savagery against ladies and young ladies and set aside web a more secure room for them."

The send-off was trailed by an intelligent board conversation on "Places of refuge Web-based Combatting Digital empowered Illegal exploitation and Combatting Different types of Online Viciousness" to give sharp conclusions from specialists from the Business, Government, and The scholarly community to resolve the issue of online ladies security from all digressions and give entire way to deal with guarantee better ladies wellbeing on the web.


Through the Advanced Shakti project, more than 3 Lakh ladies across India have been made mindful of digital well-being tips and deceives, announcing and redressal systems, information protection, and utilization of innovation for their advantages.

About The Past meeting:

The third period of the program was begun in Walk 2021 with the send-off at Leh by the NCW Director within the sight of Lieutenant Lead representative Radha Krishna Mathur and Jamyang Tsering Namgyal, MP, Ladakh. In the third stage, an Asset Community was likewise evolved under the venture to give data on every one of the roads of revealing on the off chance that a lady faces any cybercrime.

About NCW:

The Public Commission for Ladies was laid out on January 31, 1992, under the Public Commission for Ladies Act, 1990, to survey the Established and lawful protections for ladies, suggest medicinal official measures, work with complaint change, and exhort the public authority on all strategy matters influencing ladies.


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