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February 9, 2023
Shreeja Ray

Working Women Hostel Scheme: All You Need To Know

To encourage the availability of dependable and conveniently placed housing for working women who are leaving their families owing to professional commitments, the Government of India has introduced the "Working Women Hostel Scheme." In accordance with this program, the government offers a grant-in-aid for the development of new or expanded hostel facilities in urban, suburban, and rural areas. In this essay, let's take a closer look at the Working Women Hostel Program.

Purpose of the Plan

The Working Women Hostel Scheme's goals are listed below.

1. To advocate for working women's safety and accommodations for their needs, including, if possible, daycare for their kids.

2. To make services more accessible in urban, semi-urban, and even rural locations where women can find jobs.

3. To support initiatives for the construction of new hostel buildings, the enlargement of existing hostel buildings, and the construction of hostel buildings in rented spaces.

4. To provide without discrimination for all working women.

5. To provide space for women who are undergoing job training under the scheme's specified parameters.

Eligibility Requirements

The working women who fall into the following groups are also eligible to get benefits under this working women hostel program:

1. Working women: This program covers working women who are single, divorced, widowed, married, or separated, but whose husband or family members don't live in the same city or region.

2. The ladies from underserved communities would be given preference.

3. Additionally, seats for people with disabilities must be reserved.

4. Women: The overall training length for women who are undergoing job-related training is limited to one year.

5. This facility is only offered on the strict condition that there is still space after housing working women.

Financial Support

For the establishment of the building for the Working Women Hostel, the costs will be split in a precise proportion between the Central Government, States and UTs (apart from the North East and the Himalayan States), and Implementing Agencies.

1. The financial support needed to run the hostels in the rented space. Rent will be determined by the State PWD/District Collector's assessment. The money collected in rent from the inmates is used for upkeep of the hostel, housekeeping, security, office setup, expenses for electricity and water, and any other support services other than a mess.

2. At the start of the hostel, the States/UTs will be paid a one-time, non-recurring sum of money at the rate of Rs. 7,500 per inmate for the purchase of furniture (which includes the bed, table, chair, almirah, etc.) and furnishings. If the hostel has been adequately maintained for the previous five years, funding for the replacement of these things will be approved once every five years.

3. Upon receipt of receipts, the Project Sanctioning Committee (PSC) will return to the Implementing Agency the entire cost of the washing machine and the Solar Water Heating System/geysers along with the document of final instalment.

4. Funds would be transferred from the Major Head straight to government organizations like Cantonment Boards, CRPF, etc.

5. Only corporate houses located on public property would be eligible for an equivalent grant for the building's construction. For the corporate partnership segment, the Indian Government, State Government, and the partner agency would sign a Tripartite MoU as and when such a proposal is received, outlining the financial contribution statement of each partner as well as the responsibilities of the monitoring and periodic evaluation of the scheme. In this regard, a sample tripartite MoU will be made in due course.

The Steps for Submitting Applications

To apply for the Working Women Hostel Scheme, applicants must complete the requirements listed below.

Step 1: To apply for this scheme, a woman must contact the Department of WCD of the relevant State.

Step 2: The applicant must obtain the application and complete it in the required manner.

Step 3: At this point, attach each of the needed documents to the scheme application form that are listed below.

1. A brief summary of the organization's goals and operations is included in the prospectus for the organization.

2. A copy of each of the last three years' annual reports

3. A copy of the three-year rolling balance sheet.

4. Accounts of the agency that have been audited, including income and expense statements, receipt & payment statements, and auditors' reports. (Auditors from the government or a CA attest)

5. A copy of the site and building plan for the planned working women's hostel, as approved by a registered architect, showing construction in accordance with the required standards under this scheme.

6. A copy of the certificate granting permission for the hostel's construction, as well as the local authority's approval, are provided.

7. The PWD or another appropriate body must certify a detailed estimate of the cost of the hostel building's construction, as well as the sources from which the remaining funds will be obtained.

8. The block of ground where the building is planned to be built is public property, according to a document copy.


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