Published on:
January 16, 2023
Reddy Mohith

What is Shala Darpan? A Brief Overview

Education is an essential element in all of our lives. Specifically, school and intermediate education is vital as they lay the foundations for future success. However, some situations need a change - students need lectures access 24/7, parents want to know their child's performance without going to the institution, and faculty do not want to maintain the risky manual ways of handling the information. To solve all the problems together, the government of India introduced Shala Darpan.


The government of India initialized the fastest-growing portal in the Indian education sector, Shala Darpan, to maintain transparency and efficiency in the education system of India. The primary focus of this initiative is to promote the education system and bridge it with the digital medium. In 2015, the Minister of Women and Child Development of India, Smt. Smriti Irani launched the Shala Darpan portal.

To successfully reach the mission, every state in India can have its Shala Darpan portals, but the drive remains the same, to provide transparency and efficiency in the education system. Recently, the government of Rajasthan launched the Shala Darpan portal for all Rajasthan schools. Similarly, Kendriya Vidyalaya (KV) projected its Darpan portals for all its branches across India.

Shala Darpan portals are the best digital platforms for every student, parent, and teaching member to promote the education system to another step. Students can learn their interesting subjects through interactive and fun video lessons, teaching faculty can maintain the academic details of students on the portal, and parents play a vital role in the Darpan system. Parents can log in to the portal and check their children's academic performances without visiting the educational institution.

Login to Shala Darpan

Every state has its respective Shala Darpan portals. So, the login links vary from state to state. However, people residing in Rajasthan can access the portal by providing valid login credentials. Parents can see their children's academic performance by providing their ID and password generated by the school or the college.

Similarly, all students and parents admitted into Kendriya Vidyalaya can log in to KV Shala Darpan with the school user ID and password. Also, the Shala Darpan portal provides the feature to apply for admission at KV.


Shala Darpan benefits for teachers:

Before 2015, maintaining the academic marks of a student was like playing a game with heavy numbers. For instance, institutions handled the student's details on papers, like academic marks. This method of maintaining data required the faculty to deal with protecting documents, and high calculations, which often reduced the efficiency of a person. And the real problem was when searching for marks of an individual.

So, Shala Darpan portals bridge this gap by providing features like security and easy calculation procedures, and they can effortlessly filter individual marks.

Shala Darpan benefits for students:

Being a crucial part of the Shala Darpan program, students can use the portal to enrich their knowledge in a particular subject they have an interest. Students can watch and learn from informative and fun video lessons, irrespective of the type of institution they pursue their education - private or government from grade 1 to 12. Also, the feature of printable materials allows students to ensure that they implement everything they learn.

Shala Darpan benefits for parents:

For parents, it is not an easy task to maintain the schedule between their busy life and child care. So, through Shala Darpan, by providing login credentials, a parent can monitor their children's academic behavior, such as college assignments, academic performance, and other activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can students benefit from Shala Darpan?

Through Shala Darpan, students can learn any concepts in their curriculum by watching engaging and informative video lessons from classes 1-12. It will also help every individual student to cover the syllabus they lag in or were absent for a class.

How can I clear my doubts regarding the Shala Darpan portal?

You can initially contact the respective school or college authorities for basic information. However, if your query is beyond a simple answer, you can raise a request by clicking on the help button on the home page.

Can I operate the Shala Darpan portal on a mobile phone?

Yes, you can access the web portal on chrome. However, there is no specific mobile application on the play store or app store for Shala Darpan.

How to in accessing the student's report is requesting student report?

The fundamental step to access the student's report is to request the concerned institution to verify the credentials. Once verified, log in to the portal and click on the student report option.


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