January 30, 2023

Water Tank Manufacturers in India [Top 11 Manufacturers]

The following is a rundown of some water tank manufacturers in India who provide the best quality water tanks.

1. Sintex

1. Sintex is without a doubt awesome and the most boundless organization to deliver great water tanks. Laid out in 1931, this organization is the biggest plastic water tank maker in India. It additionally has workplaces in different nations like the USA, France, Germany, Africa, and Asia.

2. You can undoubtedly see a Sintex water tank in dark or white shade in pretty much every Indian house. They have a wide assortment of water tanks in various varieties and shapes. Besides, they likewise make underground water tanks, antibacterial water tanks, and space tanks.

3. Other than providing water tanks, they likewise make other plastic-based items like waste compartments.

2. Neropure

1. Neropure is a great hardened steel water tank manufacturer in India. They are best on account of putting away water without agonizing over defilement. They likewise keep up with the temperature of the water.

2. Neropure is notable for its cleanliness, solid, and exceptionally safe items. They utilize great items to develop their big haulers. Their tank's future is at least 20 years.

3. A steel water tank can be best for regions with high temperatures. During burning days, the plastic of the tanks liquefies or responds with water. This response leads to difficult issues when an individual ingests the water. Consequently, steel big haulers are the best option for a solid water supply.

3. Easytanks

1. Easytanks to convey with hardened steel water tanks. Their steel is exceptionally top-notch and solid. Their water tanks are best for putting away drinking water for business and homegrown use.

2. Easytanks have the best working gulf, outlet, and flood framework. Their tanks are limited-formed and space-accommodating, and you can undoubtedly put them anyplace. They have a limit of around 7000 liters of water.

3. Their tanks are awesome and the most present-day approach to putting away water, particularly drinking water.

4. RC Plasto Tanks and Pipes Pvt. Ltd.

1. Established in 1986, RC Plasto has figured out how to become one of the main water tank producers in India regardless of the weighty contest on the lookout. They fabricate two, three, and, surprisingly, six-layer water tanks. They have an ISO 9001-2001 confirmation and have in excess of 10,000 sellers in India.

2. They give froth tanks, cartridges, space tanks, tank channels, and unique water collecting channels. In this way, you can move toward them for each kind of tank prerequisite. Additionally, they likewise fabricate gold water tanks, which are best for putting away drinking water. They are liberated from any bacterial tainting.

3. They likewise produce plastic lines, clean products, and restroom fittings with water tanks. This viewpoint gives them a fortification in the serious world.

5.  Supreme Industries

1. Established in 1942,  Supreme Industries presently has a total assets of USD 410 million. They are awesome and most seasoned water tank producers. They produce 45,000 tons of polymers each year.

2. They are pioneers in creating layer tanks and delivering tanks with 2, 3, and 4 layers. They produce space and underground tanks and tank covers.

3. Other than tanks and tank covers, they likewise construct seepage and funneling frameworks. Their base camp is in Mumbai.

6. Storewell

1. Storewell offers a wide cluster of items for both business and homegrown purposes. They have a wide assortment of capacity drums, growers, Kalash Kumbh, litter canisters, and push carts. The assembling of these items is a three-step interesting rotational trim innovation. This means incorporating stacking the polymer into the form, then, at that point, warming it to a combination of its polymer, cooling, and afterward emptying the shape.

2. Storewell has an extensive variety of water tanks in dark tones going from 200 liters to 10,000 liters. They have two models: ISI and non-ISI models. The contrast between them is that non-ISI models have layering tanks with 2, 3, and 4 layers.

7. Vectus

1. Vectus is the principal organization to add blow-shaped tanks. Being the first, they are the greatest producers of shaped tanks in India.

2. The polymers utilized by the organization to create the tanks are from Low-Thickness Polyethylene with high-Thickness Polyethylene. They disseminate their items wherever in the country. They have an ISO 9001:2015 certificate.

3. The tanks are antibacterial and have different variety ranges. They have a limit of 400 to 1200 liters with a guarantee of 5 years. They have 4-layered tanks.

8. National Plastics

1. National Plastics are the makers of determined plastic water and different synthetic stockpiling tanks in India. Their tanks have a limit of 500 liters to 5,000 liters and arrive in a huge assortment: space tanks, underground tanks, and vertical tanks.

2. The tanks of Public Plastics are triple-layered in a sparkling white tone. They have three layers to forestall any UV entrance and forestall any bacterial or parasitic movement.

9. Aquatech

1. Aquatech items are uniquely produced using the course of Biaxial Rotomoulding. They have an extremely reduced shape and are lightweight. They rapidly grab a client's attention.

2. The tanks have a detached level shape, empowering you to convey them effectively to better places. They have unique UV assurance; in this way, you can utilize them both inside and outside.

10. Supreme

1. Supreme is a seven-decade-old dependable organization. They are the greatest plastic item producers in India.

2. The tanks have a limit of 500 to 1000 liters of water. The three-layering framework makes the tanks UV-safe and forestalls any microbial action. Water temperature additionally stays stable inside the tanks.

11. Sheetal

1. Sheetal is the first at any point organization in Quite a while to get an ISO 9001-2000 certification. They are highly popular, particularly in Northern India. The tanks have an appealing pink shade and are somewhat straightforward, which assists with really taking a look at the water inside. It is profoundly sturdy and impervious to unforgiving climatic circumstances.

2. Other than providing water tanks, they provide various materials, fundamentally dustbins, numerous sorts of biomedical canisters, various kinds of streetcars, many waste assortment and tricycles, family receptacles, additionally and landfill locales.

3. In this way, they have a fortress on the lookout. They supply tanks in various urban areas of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Punjab, Shillong, Haryana, Chennai, Kolkata, and others.


It is vital these days to keep tanks in each family and industry. Previously mentioned are the top water tank producers in India, their set of experiences, the materials, and the innovation they utilized. Hope the facts will make your choice easier.


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