March 21, 2023

Vidhwa Pension Yojana- benefits, eligibility and documents required

Vidhwa Pension Yojana (Widow Pension Scheme) is a social welfare scheme initiated by the Government of India to provide financial assistance to widowed women who are below the poverty line. The scheme aims to provide a basic level of financial support to help widowed women in meeting their daily needs and ensure their well-being.

To be eligible for the scheme, the applicant must be a resident of India and must not be receiving any other pension from the government. The applicant must also be able to provide proof of their widowhood, income, and age.

Let us understand more about the Vidhwa Pension Yojana in detail further in this article

Benefits of the Vidhwa Pension Yojana

The Vidhwa Pension Yojana offers several benefits to widowed women in India. Some of the key benefits of the scheme include:

1. Financial Assistance: The scheme provides financial assistance to widowed women who are below the poverty line, helping them meet their daily needs and improve their standard of living.

2. Social Security: The pension scheme provides social security to widowed women who have lost their husbands and may have no other source of income or support.

3. Dignity and Respect: The scheme helps widowed women lead a life of dignity and respect, enabling them to maintain their independence and self-esteem.

4. Health and Education: The scheme also supports the health and education of widowed women and their children, helping them access basic healthcare and education facilities.

5. Direct Benefit Transfer: The pension amount is transferred directly to the beneficiary's bank account monthly, ensuring timely and hassle-free delivery of the pension amount.

6. Availability: The scheme is available in all states and union territories of India, ensuring that widowed women from all parts of the country can benefit from it.

In summary, the Vidhwa Pension Yojana offers a range of benefits to widowed women in India, helping them lead a life of dignity, respect, and financial stability.

Vidhwa Pension Yojana Application Process

The application process for this Yojana differs from state to state. Generally, a widowed woman can apply to the Vidhwa Pension Yojana by visiting the Municipal Corporation office or Panchayat office and submitting the application for this Yojana. A widowed woman can also apply online by filling out and submitting the widow pension application on the official website/e-services website of her state.

Documents Required for the Vidhwa Pension Yojana

1. Applicant photo

2. ID proof (Voter card/ Ration Card/Aadhar Card)

3. Birth certificate

4. Bank passbook

5. Death certificate of husband

6. Income certificate

Eligibility Criteria for Vidhwa Pension Yojana

To be eligible for the Vidhwa Pension Yojana, a woman must meet the following criteria:

1. Age: The woman must be at least 18 years of age.

2. Widowhood: The woman must be a widow and have lost her husband.

3. Income: The woman must belong to the economically weaker sections of society and have a monthly income below the specified limit set by the state government.

4. Restrictions under CGST Rule 96(10) & Deemed Export under GST


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