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December 26, 2022

Vedas Foods

The merit of all things lies in their difficulty ~ The Three Musketeers

Vedas food
in picture: Sandhya Prasad, Durga Vangipurapu, Priyasudha Kompella (from left)

Three years back in 2019, three highly accomplished women in their respective fields came together to set up their own business. Priyasudha, Durga and Sandhya; the women behind Vedas Foods are the first generation of entrepreneurs who are making a mark in the food industry.

They have equally distributed their responsibilities amongst themselves. While Priyasudha manages the administrative aspect of the brand, Durga manages the production and Sandhya looks after the marketing efforts for Vedas.

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When asked about the ideation behind the brand name ‚Vedas Foods‚ they expressed their attachment towards traditional beliefs over Vedic chantings and the desire to infuse that notion in their business.

In the 21st century today, a huge section of society is conscious about their diet and working towards a healthy lifestyle. Vedas Foods offers over 35 products comprising a variety of pickles, cold-pressed oils, spice powders etc. All products are made 100% organic, with meticulously hand-picked items with utmost effort ensuring the highest quality. Not only are they keen on providing organic healthy food to the masses but pay equal attention to empowering women as their workforce comprises 80% females.

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People generally believe this myth that pickles are not good for health. We wanted to eliminate that thought as pickles are not something that has not come up recently but has been there since the ancestral period. We use natural preservatives for all our product lines as it ensures quality and longevity. Our main idea was to make sure that whatever product we bring into the market, be it spices or cold-pressed oil should be beneficial for our consumers‚ said the founder of Vedas foods.

They recalled how COVID not only affected their business financially but also took an emotional toll on them. They had to comply with the restrictions which directly affected the operations and logistics of their products. But they managed to cope with the situation through the grant offered to MSMEs. They overcame the pandemic and now they are eyeing to expand their business overseas and give Vedas a global recognition.

Much to our delight, Vedas foods expressed how Swipe has constantly helped them in scaling their business. In these past 3 months, we have received immense support from both the customer success team and the product team. Swipe's Online store has helped us secure a huge customer base for our products more than any other distributing channel. It's easy to pass on the link where customers can shop directly from.

Challenges and failures are addons to running any business. But for Priyasudha, Durga and Sandhya, their biggest motivating factor to overcome them all has always been the positivity, support and the willingness to do something better for society. By providing a healthy alternative for everyone they want to promote quality over anything else. Running a business is secondary, but the care and effort to provide something better for all is what keeps them going. Swipe is proud to be a part of the journey of these amazing women leaders trying to make a change for the better!

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