December 30, 2022
Shreeja Ray

UAN Activation & Registration

Each EPFO member is given a 12-digit number known as a Universal Account Number (UAN). An employee can use it to get and manage information about their EPF account. Learn the specifics of EPF applicability as well as the step-by-step process for generating and activating the UAN.

Required Documents for UAN Activation

The mandatory documents required for UAN registration and authentication:

1. Information about a bank account, including the branch name, account number, and IFSC code.

2. Your PAN card needs to be linked to your UAN.

3. The Aadhaar Card: Because the mobile number and bank account are related to your Aadhaar card, it's essential to be submitted in order to receive a UAN.

4. Additional ID or residency proof may be required.

Generation of UAN

Every employee is given a distinct UAN by EPFO when they are initially registered by their employer in the EPF Scheme. If the employer has registered the establishment through Shram Suvidha Portal, it can be completed swiftly through the EPFO employer portal.

Linking UAN to Adhaar

Online procedure:

1. Go to Member's Home

2. Utilize your UAN and password to log into the MEMBER e-SEWA.

3. Choosing "KYC" from the "Manage" tab

4. Select "Aadhaar" from the menu.

5. Enter the necessary information (name and Aadhaar Number)

6. Choose "Save"

When the Aadhaar number is displayed with the "verified" status next to it, the Aadhaar link process is complete.

Offline method:

Visit any EPFO branch or Aadhaar CSE to complete the offline process of linking Aadhaar to UAN (Common Service Centre). A request form and a self-attested copy of the member's Aadhaar card must be sent there. It will be completed after verification, and a notification to the registered mobile number will serve as confirmation.

Since its founding in 1952, EPFO has advanced considerably. UAN is one of many key moves it has made along the way, including offering a social security service and simplifying the process of settling EPF claims.


1. If you switch occupations, can you activate your UAN once more?

Since UAN is a one-time use only unique identification number, it does not need to be activated every time you change jobs.

2. Why are all of the prior member IDs need to be included in the Universal Account Number?

A Universal Account Number serves the function of combining all Member Identification Numbers that have been assigned to a certain employee. This makes it simpler for the employee to monitor all of his or her accounts because it consolidates the data regarding all of the plans for which an employer has made contributions on the employee's behalf.

3. Can contract workers register for the UAN and use the online services?

Starting on the sixth of the next month, employers with 20 or more full-time employees must create Universal Account Numbers for workers earning $15,000 or more per month. Additionally, after their employers have authorized the account number, full-time and contract workers can register for UAN online.

4. Is there no cost to submit an application for UAN registration?

There are no costs involved in activating the Universal Account Number (UAN), and there are no related fees either.

5. Who allocates UAN: The employer or a government agency?

When an employee enrolls in the EPF, the Employees' Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) issues them a Universal Account Number (UAN).

6. If you do not link your UAN to your Aadhaar, can you still use it to transfer funds?

If your UAN and Aadhaar numbers are not connected, you cannot transfer money or request a pension fund withdrawal. Your UAN must be used to seed your Aadhaar number.

7. Is UAN a requirement for any claims made online?

You require a valid UAN to submit any type of online claim for pension or PF benefits.

8. Is obtaining more than one UAN possible?

Each individual is given a single UAN. The employee may use it while still employed by any other eligible employer.

9. Is the PAN and UAN connected for an employee who subscribes to PF?

Yes, a mandatory link between UAN and PAN is required. Additionally, a subscriber must make sure that Aadhaar is connected.

10. Are employee provident fund (EPF) balances authorized to be withheld by employers after a dismissal or contract termination?

No, this cannot be done since EPF accounts are tied to UANs, which are transferable between eligible and registered employers.

11. What are a universal account number (UAN) and a PF account number?

A PF number is necessary for EPF withdrawals. This includes all PF information as well as specifics about the affected employee's interactions with the company.

12. Can an employee have many UANs allocated to them under the same name?

Under a single name, an employee is only permitted to have one User Account Number (UAN). It can be transferred to further qualifying employers.

13. Can UAN be activated using an SMS or a mobile app?

Currently, sending an SMS to activate your UAN is not an option. The EPFO member portal or the Umang app are the only two methods of activation that are currently offered.

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