April 26, 2023

Top biscuit manufacturers in India

Biscuits are one item that is found in all grocery stores and on the kitchen shelves of every household. In India, biscuits are the most abundantly consumed snack food. Well, you need to note that India is the only country that is the largest manufacturer of biscuits globally. In the versatility of biscuits in India, it is truly unparalleled. You can try to grab them for a quick snack or even with your morning or evening tea. It makes you feel energized and also brings a good sense of comfort with their amazing taste. You can find different flavors of biscuits that cater to the varying taste of the people. For Indians, the favorite combination of “chai-biscuit” has become inseparable from their daily lives.

Top biscuit manufacturers in India

Let us have a good look at the different and top biscuit manufacturers in India.

1. Parle:

When we say, “Parle”, it reflects our emotion and not just a biscuit. Since childhood, Parle biscuits never failed to provide the best taste. It has over 150 product ranges along with 36 popular brands and is the highest-selling biscuits in the world since 1929. It symbolizes nutrition, quality, and superior taste. Parle currently owns nearly 30% of its market share which has proved to be the best value-for-money product

2. Britannia:

Britannia is one of the most popular, valuable, and trusted brands among Indian consumers. Since 1918, the brand has been baking happiness for India which has a legacy of over 100 years. In India, Tiger biscuit is recognized as the most popular brand.

3. Priya Gold:

In the Indian FMCG segment, Priya Gold has gained a lot of popularity and has proven to be a prominent food brand. Surya Food & Agro Ltd founded the company in 1993. There are different products of Priya Gold such as confectionery items, cakes, cookies, and beverages/juices that are available at affordable prices. 

4. Sunfeast:

In 2003, ITC launched Sunfeast to provide rich and nutritious biscuits. The company gained the public’s trust because of its innovativeness, quality, and excellent packaging. People love these biscuits because of the variety and diverse tastes. They are available as digestive biscuits, milk biscuits, oatmeal cookies, etc. 

5. Patanjali:

When we say, ‘herbal biscuits’, Patanjali proves to be the pioneer of these ranges of biscuits. Patanjali has the tagline, “Prakriti ka ashirwad” which means, ‘the blessings of nature’. These biscuits are of the best quality and are also nutritious. Doctors recommend patients with blood sugar and blood pressure opt for Patanjali biscuits. Having high fiber contents, it proves to be quite healthy.

6. Ceramica:

Ceramica is another one of the best and top biscuit manufacturers in India that provides premium and the most elegant products without compromising on its quality. They are not only tasty but are also nutritious. The biscuits do not contain any sort of added colors or preservatives and they suit everyone’s taste buds

7. Cadbury:

The brand, ‘Cadbury’, relieves our childhood and is still famous among children. In 1924, John Cadbury founded Cadbury with its head office in Uxbridge, London. Since 2010, Mondelez International has owned this confectionery company. This product is available in 100+ countries

8. McVitie’s:

McVitie’s contains the goodness of fiber and wholewheat. McVitie’s Digestive biscuits are the most popular amongst Indian consumers. Being the best-selling biscuit in India, they contain vitamins, fat, minerals, and proteins, which provide unique tastes

9.  Pillsbury:

Pillsbury provides frozen biscuits including icing and refrigerated cookies. With their highly processed biscuits, they contain low fiber. Some of the other items of Pillsbury include cookies, baked brownies, crescent rolls, bread, and so on.

10. Haldiram:

Haldiram is best known for packaged foods such as pickles, namkeens, papads, sweets, etc. We can also enjoy the best quality biscuits that arrive in classic, salty, and sweet versions. They are quite hygienic and provide superior quality products


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