February 6, 2023
Riddhi Thakrar

Top 7 best brand franchise to own in 2023

You can learn from the successful franchise companies in India. You will have a better grasp of the franchise investment opportunities within India, that are offered in a variety of industries, after having read the article. This article can be helpful if you are a company owner or businessman planning to open the best franchise 2023 businesses.

Teams have remained a popular option and a recurring trend in the nation for the ensuing decades. Additionally, it is a desirable option for first-time business owners who want to start a company but not own it. The benefits of opening an Indian franchise include reduced startup costs, quick growth, and motivated leadership. But still most significantly, it's crucial to consider the sector in which you propose. You may get information on franchise business ideas 2023 in this article.

Top 7 franchise business ideas 2023

When knowing about the ideas regarding opening a franchise business in india. Here is the list of companies which can be considered for opening a franchise 2023 store that can give you best returns and more future prospects. With this list you may get more idea about it.

1. Patanjali

Over the past few years, this well-known and reliable indigenous brand in India has generated over 200 crores of INR in revenue. Ayurvedic and herbal items were the brand's early product offering when it was founded in 2006 by Baba Ramdev and Acharya Balkrishna. After achieving outstanding success in this field, the brand expanded its company into other industries, such as food, wellness, skincare products, and beauty products. Nevertheless, this has effectively developed into one of India's recognisable brands in the FMCG industry.

2. Lenskart

This firm sells sunglasses, contact lenses, eye optics, frames, plus spectacles for people of all ages. Furthermore, since its founding in 2010, this company has emerged to be among the fastest-growing in the world. This brand, which was established with the goal of providing people with an affordable vision, has a special option for female entrepreneurs who want to open the best franchise 2023 businesses in the country.

3. Lakme salons

Every time we hear the name Lakme, we grin (particularly women), as this is an established company with a reputation for beauty products and cosmetics that has maintained its scale and brilliance since its founding in 1952. You can opt to launch a Lakme salon India franchise or a Lakme merchandise business in India by distributing their products. Lakme is controlled by Hindustan Unilever. Due to its higher quality than competing brands, this brand is widely sought after and enjoys a loyal following.

4. Baskin and robbins

Baskin Robbins is collaborating with such an ice cream chain in India that has established itself as a major brand in the sector of food and beverages. Due to their strong global branding, collaboration, and partnerships with various companies, this is a wonderful option. A consumer can experience a different flavor each month. It is wise to go with Baskin Robbins if you intend to open an ice cream shop in India and get the populace happy.

5. Bikanervala

The well-known brand in India, recognised for its confections, snacks, services, and a variety of other goods, has consistently promoted fine dining with exquisite flavors. They have more than 85 franchises scattered out around the nation. The strict purity, flavor, and sanitation inspections that you'll find in all of their locations are what have made them so well-known among the general population. This is a reliable platform that will enable you to make a sizable sum of money. Because they take pleasure in the caliber of their offerings, they make a terrific franchise 2023 to start.

6. Amul outlet

Due to its high quality and variety, the popular franchising brand Amul ice cream has become quite well known throughout India. Being an Amul franchise in India has the benefit of not requiring any advertising or advertising since the company is already well-known. Additionally, as the goods are delivered directly to the company location, there are no travel delivery fees, you won't have to be concerned about it. Consequently, it provides you with an opportunity to make good investments and earn significant returns with franchise business ideas 2023.

7. First cry

This company, which specializes in children's garments and accessories, is among the most popular choices for babies and young children. This brand offers high-quality children's clothing at reasonable prices, with a small total budget and enormous benefits. The great faith that Indians have in their products makes getting a franchise with this company very beneficial.

When thinking of starting the best franchise 2023 businesses so these are a few ideas that you may think of and have proper research on it. This can help in proper planning and development of the franchises and have more opportunities.


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