December 30, 2022
Shreeja Ray

TDS TRACES by Income Tax Department.

The Traces (TDS Reconciliation Analysis and Correction Enabling System) online service is provided by the Income Tax Department. In order to submit returns and request refunds, this facility aims to make it possible for both TDS consumers and deductors to view and balance their TDS payments online.

The TRACES website's mission

Taxpayers and TDS deductors can execute a variety of actions on the TDS TRACES website, including but not limited to the following:

You can view and download Form 26AS. You can submit a request for TDS/TCS statement modifications. You can check the status of challans online. You can request a refund online. You can download the consolidated file, the Justification Report, and Forms 16 and 16A. (Only for TDS deductors.)

How do I sign up as a taxpayer for TRACES?

To use the many online services provided by TRACES, Taxpayers/PAO/Deductors must register on the TDS TRACES website. The following are the essential steps for signing up for TRACES:

Step 1:

To view the registration options for Tax Payers, go to the TRACES portal and select the "Register" link.

Step 2:

After clicking the link, the taxpayer page will be displayed.

Step 3:

After providing the required information, click "Create Account." A confirmation screen will then appear asking you to validate the information you have provided. The edit tab can be used to update any of the data that is displayed on the confirmation screen.

​Step 4:

Following data verification, the applicant's email address and cellphone number will receive an activation link and activation code. ​

How do I sign up to be a deductor for TRACES?

1. First, go to the TRACES website.

2. Choose "Register as New User" in step two.

3. Choose "Deductor" as the User type in step three.

4. Complete the relevant fields to sign up on TRACES as a deductor.

5. After a successful registration, an activation link and unique activation codes will be sent to the registered email address and cellphone number, respectively.

6. Click the activation link and enter your user ID and activation information.

7. The user can access TRACES after activation.

How to Access the TRACES Portal?

The crucial steps for TRACES Login when a deductor has previously registered on TAN are as follows:

1. Log in to the TDS - CPC site in the first step.

2. Type in your TIN number as both your Login ID and Password, and then click "Go."

3. Click on the "Profile menu," which is the sole option enabled during login.

4. Enter the deductor's details, such as their PAN number, birthdate, etc., and then click the Submit button.

5. Verify the data on the confirmation page, then press the submit button.

Justification Report for TRACES

The Income Tax Office's (ITD) discovery of defaults or errors when processing the deductor's statement for a particular quarter of the fiscal year is detailed in the TDS TRACES Justification Report.

The defaults and/or problems that the deductor must fix are thoroughly covered in this document. By submitting a correction statement, paying the relevant interest and fees, and any other outstanding balances, this rectification can be resolved. The information in this report can also be used by deductors to explain any "errors" that the tax authorities may have identified.

What does the facility for requests for resolution do?

The "Request for Resolution" tool allows taxpayers to file complaints and request a resolution. The actions listed below should be followed in order to use this service:

1. Taxpayers must first log on to TRACES as a taxpayer using their registered user ID and password in order to acquire such a resolution.

2. Choose the "Request for Resolution" tab

3. Decide which category the resolution request should be made for.

4. Decide which assessment year best fits the investigation.

5. Complete and submit the necessary forms.

6. Following submission, a Ticket number is generated to show that the request was made successfully.

FAQs for TDS Traces

Can a PAO sign up for TRACES?

Visit the TRACES site and select the "Register" link to sign up as a Deductor, Tax Payer, or PAO.

Why did my TRACES request fail?

Technical issues prevent the request from being processed, and the system will try to process it again after some time.

What does the admin user role entail?

The admin user role is generated when a TAN registers for the first time on TRACES. This job can only be registered by giving the TAN to an Assessing Officer.

Why did TRACES close my ticket?

Since no action was made within the allotted time period, the ticket was either closed manually by the requester/assessing officer or automatically by the system.

What does it imply that my ticket is in progress?

if the person making the request or the assessor has offered clarifications.


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