January 30, 2023
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SWAYAM Scheme- objectives, pillars and approaches

SWAYAM is a government initiative program to provide education to all who seek it. It was launched by Hon. Pranab Mukherjee on July 9, 2017. SWAYAM is an online learning platform for students from class 9th to the postgraduate students, where there are courses related to all the topics from the students studying in class 9th to pursuing post-graduation.

It is completely free for all learners, all you have to do is to enroll in the program and just keep working hard. It is based on providing education with the use of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) i.e. by the use of the internet.

Let us understand a bit more about this scheme


SWAYAM is a free learning platform whereas for the certification there is a very little fee and once you finish the course you can apply for the assessment. Once you have completed the certification you can download your certificate and get a printout and it would be presentable and valid everywhere.

It is developed by MHRD (Ministry of Human Resource Development) and AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) with a tie-up with Microsoft and provides over 2000 courses and over 80000 hours of learning for the students. It is an indigenous program led just for the welfare of students. SWAYAM follows the concept of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) which is a concept of providing online courses to a wide section of people over a platform of learning and re-education.

Objectives of Swayam

Cardinal Principles of Education

1. To provide access to free education to all.

2. To generate a sense of equality among students.

3. The quality of classroom teaching shouldn’t be compromised.

Various Pillars of SWAYAM

The SWAYAM is a collection of various institutions' efforts, which have contributed and come forward to start this approach; various coordinators have come from different institutions for making SWAYAM a learning place.

1. AICTE for self-paced and international courses.

2. NPTEL for engineering-related study material.

3. CEC for undergraduate-related study material

4. UGC for non-technical post-graduation study material.

5. NCERT and NIOS for school education.

6. IGNOU for out-of-school students.

7. IIMB for management studies

8. NITTR for teaching and training programs.

Features of SWAYAM

1. Hub for interactive e-content for students pursuing education from high school to post-graduation which can be easily accessible from any device connected to the internet.

2. The multimedia would be easily available to students and would be helpful to them to understand.

3. It will monitor your learning and would also provide you with a certificate for the same.

4. It also has an Interaction forum which will help you clear your all doubts regarding it.

5. The classroom teaching quality hasn’t been compromised.

Approach of SWAYAM

The SWAYAM follows the four-quadrant approach for the betterment of the children who are the future of the country.

Quadrant 1: Tutoring

The government aims to provide free education to all those who need tutoring. By using video lectures students are taught different topics.

Quadrant 2: E-content

Studying material would be provided that would be easy to download and print, various PPTs would be prepared on different topics.

Quadrant 3: Self-Assessment

Various tests and quizzes would be held that would help you to assess your learning procedure and know how much you are gaining.

Quadrant 4: Discussion forum

A doubt-clearing interacting discussion forum has been set up to clear the doubts of students.

Abbreviation of SWAYAM

MOOCs: Massive open online courses

SWAYAM: Study Webs of Active Learning For Young and Aspiring Minds

PI: Principal Investigator

SME: Subject Matter Expert

CBCS: Choice-Based Credit System

NC: National Coordinators

EoI: Expression of Interest

MNC: MOOCs National Committee

ICT: Information and Communication Technology

NIP: National Integrated Portal



1. Are SWAYAM courses free?

WAYAM courses are free to learn however for the certificate you have to pay a minimal price.

2. Is the SWAYAM certificate valid?

The SWAYAM certificate is valid throughout the country.

3. What Courses are planned & who can deliver the MOOCs on SWAYAM?

You can choose from hundreds of courses that are taught at the university/college/school level. More than 1000 lectures and teachers across the country have participated in learning these courses.


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