January 27, 2023
Riddhi Thakrar

How to check status of OLTAS Challan – TDS Challan Status

In this article we get know how to check the status of OLTAS (Online Tax Accounting System) challan and TDS Challan and learn more about OLTAS's characteristics and advantages. In a nutshell, OLTAS is used for the online collecting, accounting, and monitoring of direct tax collections and payment from all types of taxpayers through a system of banking institutions.

What is OLTAS Challan (Online Tax Accounting System)?

OLTAS challan is an online system for collecting, accounting and reporting the receipts and payments of direct taxes through a network of bank branches through online upload of challan details.

You can use a single copy challan to pay any type of tax levied, including taxable income, corporation tax, tax deducted at source (TDS), and tax collected at source (TCS), internet or at a bank branch that has been approved for OLTAS.

After taxpayers have paid their taxes, the issuing bank will digitally transfer all of the challan's data to the revenue department. Additionally, banks compare the data and details that the Tax Information Network (TIN) receives from the institutions with the regular tax collections.

This makes it simple to verify and determine the status of each of the information regarding online income taxes. After taxes are paid, taxpayers receive a tear-off piece of the registration certificate after the collecting bank rubber stamps it.

Understanding the challan identification number

If the payment is made online, a challan is generated instantly. The Challan Identification Number (CIN), a distinctive serial number that includes the following details:

1. BSR 7 digit code allotted by the banking branch

2. Date and year of challan issued

3. Serial number of 5 digits which says about bank branch

A CIN is a taxpayer's record of tax payment that must be referenced in tax filings or other communications also with the department of taxation as needed. Additionally, CIN has eliminated the need to include a printed copy of the tax paid documents also with return for income taxes. The revenue paid challan serves aly, the tax billed challan serves aly, the tax paid challan serves aly, the duty paid challan serves aly, the tax compensated challan serves aly.

 A taxpayer may at any moment verify the progress of their tax payments online. OLTAS operates in the same manner regardless of whether income taxes are paid straight by the wage earner or through the deductor.

Checking the status of OLTAS challan

Whether the Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number (TAN) of the deductor or perhaps the CIN can be used to determine the status of the TDS Challan. Whereas a CIN-based perspective can be used to check the status of any type of tax settlement, a TAN-based perspective and both CIN-based views can be used to check the status of TDS challans. After one week from the challan's deposit account, the condition of the challan can be checked.

If indeed the website returns the message "no records available for the previous inquiry" but rather if there is other inconsistency in the information, the taxpayer should contact the bank in which the tax has already been placed. The taxpayer can email or write to National Securities Depository Ltd. if they do not receive a favorable outcome.

challan oltas

There are many ways by which a challan can be viewed. They are discussed as follows:

1. CIN based view

Website for OLTAS can be found at Select "CIN based view" from the "For Taxpayers" menu. Enter the CIN, also known as the BSR code of the receiving bank branch, the Challan acceptance date (the day on which cash or cheques are deposited), the Challan serial number, and the Challan amount (optional) The following information is visible to the taxpayer after choosing the option:

1. Code of BSR

2. the payment date

3. Challan Major Head Code and Description Serial Number

4. Taxpayer's Name as it Appeared on TAN/Permanent Account Number

5. Verification that the entered value is accurate (if amount is used)

6. TAN based view

Website for OLTAS can be found at For taxpayers, select 'TAN based view' by clicking there. Enter the required period's TAN and Challan Bidding Dates range (ideal range should be considered within 24 months of the submission) On choosing this choice text file comprising following challan information for the given TAN and time can be downloaded.

1. Description of the Major Head Code

2. Head Code of Minor

3. Nature of Payment

4. CIN

The system will look to see if the amount entered by the taxpayers against it CIN equals the financial details submitted by the bank. The specifics of the challan listed in the quarter e-TDS/TCS report should be verified using this file. Upload the challan files and the text file (quarterly e-TDS/TCS statement) into the File Validation Utility (FVU) to check the challan information. FVU will supply the corresponding statistics for the challan details mentioned in the e-TDS/TCS statement upon successful verification of a quarterly e-TDS/TCS statement.

So, this is how the status of the OLTAS challan can be viewed by each user when needed.


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