February 23, 2023
Shreeja Ray

How To:Solve JSON errors when uploading returns to GSTN

There is a chance that taxpayers will make mistakes when filling their returns, and the appropriate GST error codes are shown on the screen. In order to address this issue, we developed the GSTR 1 JSON error code. In this article, we'll also give you the fixes for these issues and their error codes.

It is expected of the taxpayers to be aware that when they attempt to upload the JSON on the GST system, certain GSTR 1 issues occur. As soon as the taxpayer uploads the paperwork and the site analyzes it, the inaccuracies are noted.

Additionally, these issues are especially relevant to the JSON format and are listed in the ZIP file from the GST portal.

  1. GSTR 1 JSON Error Code: RET191106 – Error in JSON structure validation

Error Explanation:

The JSON file that was submitted either contains structural flaws or is not recognized by the GSTN.


Make sure the JSON file contains a GSTIN specification.

Verify that the JSON file you provided to the GST Portal with your GSTIN is the most recent version and accurate.


  1. GSTR 1 JSON Error Code: RET191113 – The GSTIN is invalid. Please provide a valid GSTIN

Error Explanation:The GSTIN given in the JSON file is different from the GSTIN listed in the customer's or the GST account.


  • Verify that the JSON file was submitted to the appropriate GST account.
  • Make sure the GSTIN you enter into the GST tool is accurate because it is needed to create the JSON file.
  • Create a JSON file with the GSTIN converted.
  • In the GST Portal, save it, and then upload it.
  • Verify the validity of the customer's GSTIN.
  1. GSTR 1 JSON Error Code:RET191115 – Invoice number does not exist. Please enter a valid invoice number

Error Explanation: The maximum character length for an invoice is 16, and it must only contain letters, numbers, special characters, hyphens, dashes (which are represented by the symbols "-" and "/"), and punctuation.


  • Ensure that a GST invoice number appears on each and every invoice.
  • If an invoice doesn't have an invoice number, the GST laws require that you assign one and construct the JSON file once more.
  • If the invoice is ever found to be invalid, the item must be erased from the JSON file and reuploaded.
  1. GSTR 1 JSON Error Code:RET191124 – Original Invoice is Invalid. The original invoice cannot be tracked.

Error Explanation:It's possible that the invoice given was spelled incorrectly or overlooked during upload.

Solutions:Check the invoice number of the credit or debit note to see where the problem is appearing.

  1. GSTR 1 JSON Error Code:RET191133-Invoice already exists with different CTIN or same CTIN.

Error Explanation:It is possible for the user to upload an invoice that is already on the GST portal.


  • Verify whether or not the invoice has been uploaded to the GST system.
  • Verify that the invoice data between what was uploaded and what you are attempting to upload has not changed.
  • If the invoice has already been uploaded, just avoid the mistake and leave it alone.
  1. GSTR 1 JSON Error Code:RET191150 – IGST is mandatory for interstate supply and CGST & SGST should not be present.

Error Explanation: The SGST and CGST are incorrect for intra-state supply, whereas the IGST is incorrect for inter-state supply.


  • Use the mistake report offered by the software to correct the invoice.
  • Verify that the invoice's place of supply is accurate.
  • Make adjustments to the place of supply to meet the GST that has been applied.
  1. GSTR 1 JSON Error Code:RET191175 – The rate entered is not valid according to the rate list.

Error Explanation: The GST rates on the uploaded invoices may be incorrect or erroneous.

The IGST rates are divided into 7 slabs: 0%, 0.25%, 5%, 12%, 18%, and 28%.

Additionally, the CGST and SGST have seven slabs, which are 0%, 0.125%, 2.5%, 6%, 9%, and 14%.


  • The exact GST rate needs to be added to the invoice.
  • Make sure the JSON file contains the GST rates without the % symbol.
  • The division of the CGST and SGST rates must be accurate and equal.


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