December 26, 2022

Small Businesses with High-Profit Margins

Small businesses are the backbone of the Indian economy nowadays. Despite the dominance of large corporations and their attractive pay packages, people want to experience the startup culture and hence look for a growing startup that can help them hone their skills to sustain in the market. Lately, India has become a hub for small businesses with high-profit margins. We have a range of these kinds of businesses that are generating handsome amounts of profits and are continuously growing.

The best part about these small trades is that they are present in every industry in a way that there is something for everyone. No one can deny that large corporations like Wipro, Infosys, etc., are India's pride, but the growth of these businesses is also commendable.

Let's know more about the small businesses generating high profits and contributing to the nation's growth!

Top Small Businesses with High-Profit Margins

India is a land of opportunities, and the best part of the Indian startup system is that it has companies from every industry. So, let's have a look at the top small business ideas that usually generate high profits.

Incense Stick Manufacturing

An incense stick, also known as Agarbatti, is one of the most common commodities used in Indian households. These are also extensively used in Sri Lanka and Burma. The investment required for these companies is nominal, and profits are high in relation to the investment made. Manufacturing an incense stick is one of the most lucrative trades as they require minimal investment and yields high-profit margins. Generally, the annual net profit and return on investment of the business are 7.11% and 30.94%, respectively.

App Development

One of the biggest discoveries in recent times has been about the IT sector. Information technology is being used in small businesses as well. Many companies now focus on establishing their digital presence because of excessive use of the Internet by the customers. App development is an ideal choice for a business idea that needs minimal investment and generates high profits. Another best element of an app development startup is it neither requires certification nor physical location. So, it has relatively fewer obstacles to starting the app development corporations. Hence, app development is a pretty lucrative startup idea for the owners.

Career Counseling Business

Today's youth is looking for mentors, counsellors, or people who can guide them to take the right career path. This is where a career counsellor comes in. Career counselling can be taken as a part-time profession or can be opted for full-time. The best part about this venture is that it does not require any physical resources. You can start it anytime at any place. The most significant resource for this kind of trade is reliability. The counsellor must have some kind of testimonials to show that his services are reliable.

Online Teaching or Tutoring

Teaching is one of the most dedicated professions, which not only gives you a mark of respect, but also significant service payment. Online teaching or tuition classes is a simple and cost-effective business idea. It gives you a reach of the mass number of learners and high profits.

With platforms like Zoom and Google meet, online teaching has become convenient and easily accessible.

Virtual Assistant

One of the latest and high-profit margin professions is being a Virtual assistant. Most business owners require an assistant who can handle digital projects, social media accounts, travel bookings, email scheduling, and other requirements. You can offer the services either part-time or full-time. It is a rare career choice and can be used to have a passive source of income. Testimonials and referrals help in working as a virtual assistant.

E-commerce Business

E-commerce is one of the most popular ways of doing online business. With more and more digital platforms arising in the market, the ways of doing online trades are becoming simpler. We have online means of buying clothes, shoes, household items, and even perishable goods like groceries as well. The best part of this online trading is that one can choose among various varieties with nominal or free delivery.

Homemade Products

Homemade products are one of the most prominent choices, especially women-focused products. With people becoming more particular with their needs and customization, they tend to make more use of handmade products. Natural skin-friendly products and customized gifts are the best homemade products that have been sold massively in the market in recent times. Small businesses selling homemade products also have a huge customer base on social media platforms like Instagram. It leads to a high profit-generating income source.


Small businesses can prove to be high-profit generating businesses. They aim to help you grow from scratch and enjoy the journey with significant returns. Watch this space for some more such stories!


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