December 29, 2022
Reddy Mohith

Sales Invoice Template

In every business accounting cycle, a sales invoice is an essential part. A sales invoice template helps you create a professional sales invoice. A sales invoice is a document that keeps track of sales details and the money customers owe for their purchased goods and services. This invoice, in particular, includes vital payment information, such as the invoice number, due date, billing address, and other invoicing essential information. The invoice should have accurate details for customers to pay you on time.

The sales invoice serves as proof of debt, informing customers that they must pay the company on time. As a seller, you can generate a sales invoice immediately after the product or service delivery to process the payments from your customers or buyers. You can request compensation within 48 hours of delivery if you want the charges quickly.

Process in making a product invoice:

Follow the following steps to generate a product invoice for your clients or customers.

1. Give an invoice number:

Giving a unique invoice number for every invoice you generate separately for every client you deal with helps you to refer to the particular invoice when discussing with clients. Also, it will help you maintain your financial records effortlessly.

2. Provide the details of your business:

Any invoice you make should include the details of your business as a seller. Similarly, the selling bill format should form a header to attach your business logo with the business name, email address, phone number, and location address. This information allows your client to reach out to you in the future for some other purchases.

3. Provide the details of your client:

Below the business contact information, also retain the client's contact information used to communicate during the process. This information helps you to get in touch with your client whenever needed.

4. Retain the services provided and the payment terms:

The sole purpose of the sales invoice is to get paid for what you offered. So, when you generate a sales invoice, it is essential to mention the products delivered or the services proposed with brief information about the product or service, a price listing for each included item, quantity, and the time taken for each service or the product. Further, including the payment terms and conditions in the same invoice with the payment methods you accept is necessary.

5. Highlight the due date and the total amount:

It is crucial to mention the total amount for your services or products at the end and mention the due date you expect your clients to pay you. Ensure that the due date and the total amount you charge highlight the invoice.

Types of sales invoices

A free downloadable billing template is the best way to prepare sales invoices for small businesses. Invoicing software, on the other hand, is one of the more dependable options for small businesses because it automates the entire process of creating and trying to send a sales tax invoice. Now, read on to learn about the various types of sales invoices that you can generate for small businesses.

1. Standard Invoice

Similar to the regular sales invoice in terms and elements, the standard invoice is simple and widely used by businesses undertaking the purchase.

2. Commercial Invoice

Businesses use commercial invoices when two countries trade with different currency units. As it must reach out of the country, the commercial invoice carries additional information, such as the foreign cost, manufacturing nation, and other foreign invoicing procedures.

3. Recurring Invoice

As the name says, the invoices generated repeatedly at regular intervals are recurring invoices or billing. Therefore, these invoices should be generated frequently with similar details, including transactions like memberships or subscriptions.

4. Proforma Invoice

Proforma invoices are invoices issued by the company or the business to the customer before delivering the products or services to let the customer understand the money they have to pay in total, once after delivering their requirement.

Terms used in sales invoice template

Businesses use the following terms in a sales invoice depending on the type of trading.

1. VAT Invoice: Enterprises use these when dealing with European corporations.

2. Credit Note: The customer receives a credit note which tells that their bank accounts are credited with the money.

3. Purchase Invoice: Similar to the sales invoice, a purchase invoice is called by the people who buy the product or services.

4. Proforma Invoice: Proforma invoice acts as a seller's commitment to sell products or services at a particular cost.

Usually, commercial sales invoices should primarily contain the invoice number, business, and client contact details, addresses, products or services list, email Ids, due amount, and due date. Above these, you can add the other required information you need if you want to make your accounts clear.

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