January 16, 2023
Reddy Mohith

Rajasthan SSO ID Registration Procedure

The government of Rajasthan developed Rajasthan SSO (Single Sign-On) portal and launched it in 2013, intending to make it easier for citizens to access various online services through a single portal and to take advantage of several e-services. To obtain the e-services on the Rajasthan SSO portal, a person must create an SSO ID by registering.

The SSO ID will function as a distinctive digital identity to access the State Government of Rajasthan's e-services. You can use this id to access various online services,  such as applying for a Jan Aadhar card, applying for jobs, educational institutions, and many more. The government of Rajasthan formulates all schemes using the SSO ID.

Services one can access in the Rajasthan SSO ID portal:

Citizens can access a variety of services through the Rajasthan SSO portal. The following are some of the widely available services through the Rajasthan SSO portal:

1. Drug license

2. e-Library

3. Application for arms license

4. Attendance MIS

5. Government health schemes

6. Ayush portal

7. Change of usage of land

8. Business registration

9. e-Devasthan

10. e-Learning

11. E-Mitra portal services

12. SSO Rajasthan e-pass

13. Application for scholarship

14. Litigation tracking

15. Communication with the bank

16. Application for Bhamashah card

17. Building plan approval system (BPAS)

18. Employment opportunities

19. GST portal

The Rajasthan SSO portal is available in both English and Hindi.

Eligibility Criteria for Rajasthan SSO ID

The following individuals and organizations are eligible to sign up on the Rajasthan SSO portal:

1. The resident should be a Rajasthani.

2. Indians with a Google account.

3. Industrial owners or businesses with an Udhyog Business Registration Number (BRN).

4. Rajasthan state government employees with a State Insurance and Provident Fund (SIPF) number.

Benefits of registering on the Rajasthan SSO ID:

The following are the advantages of registering on the Rajasthan SSO portal:

1. Apply for Government Positions: Using this portal, one can apply for any state public sector job in Rajasthan and track the status of their application.

2. Pay bills digitally: Using an SSO ID, an individual can pay bills, such as water, electricity, mobile, and landline. They can also check and confirm the bill payment.

3. Submit Applications: Using the Rajasthan SSO ID, a person can submit online applications for several purposes, such as university admission, jobs, RTI, license application, seeking an arms license, and others.

4. Access various state government services in one place: Through this portal, an individual can acquire different state government services, such as e-Mitra, Bhamashah Card Service, Jan Aadhaar, Rajasthan Employment Service, and others.

How to register to the Rajasthan SSO portal?

The Rajasthan SSO portal allows you to register in three ways - as a Citizen, Udyog (Industry Owner), or government employee. The registration procedure for the three Rajasthan SSO ID portal options is provided below.

1. Go to the Rajasthan State SSO Portal.

2. Select the 'Citizen' option from the 'Registration' menu.

3. If you are a Rajasthan resident, select the 'Jan Aadhaar' or 'Bhamashah' option. Non-Rajasthani residents can use the 'Google' option.

4. If you select the 'Jan Aadhaar' option, enter your Jan Aadhaar number and click the 'Next' button. Enter your name, the name of the family's head, and the names of all other members, and then click the 'Send OTP' button.

5. Enter the generated OTP and hit the 'verify OTP' button.

6. If you select the 'Bhamashah' option, enter the Bhamashah ID number and click the 'Next' button. Then provide the necessary information and complete the registration.

7. If you select 'Google,' you will get redirected to register to your Google account using your email address and password. After signing in to your Google account, the enrollment form will appear, where you must record the digital SSO ID, enter the 'Password,' 'Mobile Number,' or 'Email Address,' and click the 'Register' button to complete the registration.

To register as a government employee of the state:

You can obtain a digital SSO ID as a government Rajasthan employee ID by following the steps below:

1. If you require your digital ID as a government employee in Rajasthan, select the "Government Rajasthan Employees" tab and click the Enter button.

2. Following that, you must enter the SIPF number and password.

3. After registering with SSO, you can enter your login details (ID and password) to access SSO.

To register as a Udhyog:

The Udyog (Industry owner) can sign up for SSO digital id by following any of the steps below:

1. Select the Udyog feature and then press the enter button.

2. After that, register for the digital ID by providing any of the following information - Aadhar number or Business Registration Number (BRN).

3. After registering with SSO, enter your login credentials (ID and password) in the login space to access the applications.

Help desk

If users face any problem regarding the SSO ID registration, then the residents can reach out to the help desk of RajSSO.

1. E-mail:

2. Contact Number: 0141-5153222, 0141-5123717


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